Ulli Leitpold

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Ulli Leitpold was a infamous human mercenary. [1a]


Originally from Middenheim, it is said be began his career as a mercenary soldier in the armies of the Count of Stirland being present at the brutal third siege of Nuln. [1a]

After serving in mercenary regiment that was responsible for a series of crimes he and Marquand Volker were caught by bounty hunters and forced into the slave army of the Count of Stirland. Arriving at Mordheim, the pair escaped and made the City of the Damned their home, quickly developing a rapport with the worst scum in and around the city. Their martial prowess and sheer ruthlessness meant that less noble traders and prospectors eagerly sought out their services. Their loyalty was fickle and they also gained a reputation for betraying employers and stabbing them in the back for the sake of a single crown. [1a]

Weapons and Equipment

Marquand is armed with Two-Handed Warhammer and wears Light Armour. [1a]


Marquand, those shots are getting too close for my liking. What did the wizard want that this madman thinks is so worthwhile defending, and why did I have to hide in the privy whilst you arranged the deal.

~ Ulli to Marquand. [1a]


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