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Ulrika in Praag

Ulrika Magdova was a noblewoman from Kislev and later a vampire. [5]


Tall and beautiful with high cheekbones, wide lips, ash blonde hair and blue eyes, even as a human Ulrika favoured men’s clothing when travelling. For instance in Middenheim she combined a leather jerkin over a pale linen shirt and leather britches, two dwarf made rune swords sheathed at her belt. Unlike most noblewomen of the Empire her skin was tanned. [1a]

As a Vampire her hair turned pure white after she was nearly destroyed in a river. [6d]



Ulrika was the daughter of Ivan Petrovich Straghov [1c], a March Boyar [2a] and a distant cousin of the Duke of Praag [3b] He was also a friend of the dwarf Borek Forkbeard, helping him on an expedition to Karag Dum by guiding to the edge of the Chaos Wastes and meeting the survivors when they returned. [1b]

She was a skilled rider, having done so since she was a child and was skilled enough with a sword to have beaten all her father’s guards at sabre practice as well as the local noblemen. She boasted that no man had bested in sword play since was fifteen years old. She was equally skilled at archery, both on foot and on horseback. [1c]

Aged twenty, she first met Felix Jaeger in Middenheim waiting to board the Spirit of Grungni, she had travelled to the City of the White Wolf at the request of her father who had completed the preparations the dwarves had required – building a way station on his land for the giant airship to resupply. [1b] On the eve of the new expedition’s departure to see Karag Dum, she and Felix slept together for the first time. [1d]

An attack was ordered by Grey Seer Thanquol on her father’s mansion, but that any women and children be captured rather than killed so they could be used to manipulate males such as Felix. [2a] Ulrika killed half a dozen Skaven herself before being clubbed unconscious, and the Grey Seer was surprised that she was unafraid of him when she was brought before him but excited that she might be important to the companion of the hated and feared Gotrek Gurnisson. [2b]

When the Spirit of Grungni returned Thanquol prepared to unleash his hidden Skaven on his most hated foes, but as he prepared to cast a spell, Ulrika kicked him in the groin before escaping, throwing his minions into total confusion. As the battle began, Ulrika fought her way to the cellar where her father and other survivors were imprisoned, freeing and arming them before also releasing the wizard Maximilian Schreiber. [2c] She and Felix were reunited in the aftermath of the battle and resumed their affair. [2d]

When her father discovered that a vast Chaos horde was on its way into Kislev he asked Borek to take Ulrika and two of his most trusted guards, Oleg and Standa on the airship to inform the Ice Queen of Kislev of the threat, which he agreed, although his daughter was not pleased to be sent away from her clan before the battle. [2d]

As they travelled, the airship was attacked by the dragon Skjalander and as the combat continued, Ulrika took up her compound bow and joined the fight, injuring it. [2e] The airship was damaged in the encounter and limped to Slayer Keep, Karak Kadrin for repairs where the dwarfs decided to kill the dragon. [2f] Wanting to reach the court of Ice Queen and deliver her warning, she and her guards agreed to accompany Felix (with whom she had begun to quarrel) and the dwarfs as far as the fork in the pass at Urskroy and then continue on their journey. [2g] However realising that she loved him, she decided to accompany him to face the dragon, [2h] this time, she struck it in the eye with a well-placed arrow, saving Gotrek. [2i] Once it was slain they returned to Karak Kadrin and with the Spirit of Grungni repaired they delivered her message and travelled to Praag. [2j]

Once there, she and Felix continued to regularly argue and make up passionately as she hoped that her father would fight his way to the city ahead of the advancing horde. [3a] During the subsequent siege of the city, she fell ill and was only saved by the magic (and prayers to Shallya) of Max [3c] and the two began to spend time together, getting on better than she and Felix had. [3d]

Following the breaking of the siege, she and Felix ceased being a couple and she spent even more time with Max whilst also being re-united with her father. [4a] As their relationship grew, the couple were noticed by the vampire Adolphus Krieger. [4b] Count Andriev, another noble cousin of Ulrika’s (on her mother’s side [4b]) Count Andriev enlisted the assistance of the group (Ulrika, Felix, Snorri and Max) in protecting an ancient artefact, the Eye of Khemri from another collector of relics from the Empire. The other nobleman had already got rid of both his guards and his house magician. [4b] Max examined the artefact, but only discovered it was linked to its creator Nagash and was struck into a coma, later being found in that condition by Ulrika shortly before the mansion was attacked by the minions of Adolphus, the mysterious nobleman from the Empire. [4c]

Whilst Felix, Snorri and Gotrek were distracted, Ulrika and Andriev remained in the vault and found themselves trapped when the vampire forced his way in. Adolpus offered her life if she did not resist but she attacked, dodging her, the vampire claimed the Eye from Andriev as he killed him. As Felix and the others arrived, Ulrika attacked again and was overpowered and used as a hostage against them. [4c] Using her as a shield the vampire escaped, seeing her as both a valuable source of information on his foes and a beautiful companion, having pledged to Felix she could leave whenever she wished to. [4d] } As they travelled back to the Empire, Adolpus began the process of the dark kiss that would turn her into a vampire, she tried to kill him several times but was easily overpowered. He also gained much information on her former companions. [4e]

Several times she escaped only to brought back with equal ease and she found herself taking increasing pleasure in the draining of her blood as well as reluctantly, his conversation as he told her of all the people he had met and places he had been. Once he had awoken the Eye, he finally turned Ulrika, against her will, into a vampire. [4f]


Once he had successfully transformed her into the undead, or one of the Arisen as he preferred to be called, Adolpus left her to continue his plans, raising a horde of the dead to rebuild Drakenhof. Consequently, Ulrika awoke alone and confused in a mausoleum cell, unaware of what had occurred - quickly she escaped, her senses more alive and her strength greater than before. Driven by a compulsion she did not understand she ran through the building and fell upon the merchant Osrik draining him of blood, briefly quenching her thirst but almost immediately she vomited and collapsed. [4g]

She awoke in a fine bedroom with Adolpus who tried to convince her to join him as he carved out a new kingdom of the undead, using the Eye to compel all other vampires to serve him. He told her that they were now bound by blood and her new strengths and weaknesses. [4g] Having followed them since Kislev, Felix and his companions arrived to try and rescue her and kill the vampire. As their allies fought their way through Drakenhof, Gotrek, Felix and Snorri found Ulirka and the two slayers moved to destroy their transformed former companion, but her former lover stopped them, allowing her time to escape. She found Krieger and discovering that her father was part of the attacking force, asked the vampire to spare him which he refused. [4h]

As all met for a final confrontation, Ulrika and the sire of Adolpus, the Countess Gabriella von Nachthafen fought against his control through the Eye. As her father was killed by monstrous bats her would-be master had summoned, her rage allowed her to try again to break free of his control – aided by the powerful mind of the Countess. Their struggle distracted and paralysed Adolpus at a critical moment and he and the Eye met their ends at the axe of Gotrek. The survivors paused, close to falling upon each other, but the Countess offered a new truce noting that the mortals were in no state to continue the fight. She confirmed that she would take Ulrika into her household and see that she does no one any harm. Reluctantly Gotrek and Felix let them go. [4i]

Gabriella retreated to her castle at Nachthafen and attempted for several weeks to help Ulrika become accustomed to her new existence and to gain control over her need to feed. This proved difficult and several people died, Ulrika tearing one of the Countess's flock of handsome youths to pieces! [5a] Finally Ulrika gained a measure of control when her mistress was summoned to Nuln,[5b] taking her protégé with her, although she found more joy in tearing a group of bandits apart than reading the history of vampires or practising feminine wiles. [5c]

Whilst investigating the death of other members of the Lahmian Sisterhood in the sewers of Nuln she encountered Friedrich Holmann who was investigating the presence of vampires in the city. Although he was suspicious, she managed to convince him she was not in fact a vampire and they began to work together. [5d] However the search led them to the Gardens of Morr and when they were attacked by a mob of Ghouls, Ulrika showed her true nature in the ensuing battle much to Friedrich's horror. [5e] Unable to convince him to trust her any further she knocked him out and fled back to the home of the late Alfina Aldrich‎ which she found had been attacked in her absence. She found the humans of the house hold slaughtered and assailants cloaked in darkness still there who after a short brutal fight with Ulrika and her mistress retreated. [5f]

A subsequent conference went badly, with Gabriella being accused of being part of the plot to murder Hermione von Auerbach, her rival and worse was to come when Rodrik von Waldendorf her champion revealed that Hermione had bled him and made him her swain. [5g] A fight broke out, with Gabriella and Ulrika retreated into the street and then headed to the Wolfs Head tavern where Mistress Mathilda ruled but this in turn was burnt down forcing all within to flee. [5f]

Witch Hunters nearly caught them as they fled the fire and then they were further pursued by Hermione's men and Rodrik, they escaped them but then ran into a mob searching for vampires where the maid Lotte was tortured and killed.[5i] To survive and move about the city, they adopted the guise of a whore and her Drake. [5j] They quickly discovered that Hermione had retreated to her country home and had apparently invited Mathilda to join her there. [5k]

Still trying to discover what was going on, Gabriella sent Ulrika back to the gardens of Morr where she again encountered Witch Hunter Holmann, saving him from Ghouls. They then explored the Crypt, encountering more ghouls before discovering various clues and the huge empty coffin but found themselves locked. [5l] Although they escaped Ulrika made Holmann vow not to harm her or her companions. [5m]

She arrived at Monthaus to find that both Gabriella and Mathilda had been captured but she was able to reveal that Otilia was a traitor, bitter about not having been the blood kiss despite her years of loyalty. [5n] Then a Strigoi, Murnau arrived, his companion having broken the magical wards around the property and claiming vengeance on the Lahmian vampires of Nuln for injuries inflicted upon him a hundred years ago - A huge fight ensued. [5o] Luckily Friedrich Holmann arrived killing the sorcerer and together with Ulrika finally killed Murnau but then the rest of the Witch Hunters arrived. [5p]

Despite everything, Gabriella managed again to convince Captain Meinhart Schenk that they were not vampires and he was dispatched to pursue the fleeing Otilia. As the other vampires prepared to fake their deaths, Ulrika was given the choice to either make Holmann her swain or kill him. [5q] Ulrika could do neither and put him to sleep, so Gabriella snapped his neck killing him before they left. [5r]

Bodies resembling the surviving vampires including Ulrika were torn apart as if by ghouls making the face unrecognisable and left to be found, whilst new identities were adopted and appearances changed. Gabriella was ordered to join the coven in Nuln, opening a new brothel as a cover whilst Ulrika and Famke began to become friends. [6a] Frustrated by the restrictions that her mistress placed upon her, Ulrika broke her vow, stole the coin and jewellery in the house and ran to Hermione's townhouse to try and persuade Famke to run away with her. [6b] They were interrupted by Hermione and Ulrika was forced to flee the city. [6c]

She fled north, hiding from humans as much as possible and after her first unfortunate victim, feeding on the worst of humanity - bandits, cultists, pimps, rapists and thugs.[6d] Finally she arrived in Praag following the defeat of Arek Daemonclaw, hoping to perhaps find some of her old comrades, but also fearing what would happen if she did. A Lancer of the Gryphon Legion, Petr Ilanovich Chesnekov found her fighting Chaos Marauders and let her ride with him into the city. [6e]

Ulrika made her way to the White Boar Inn, finding Snorri Nosebiter who told her Max was staying in the Noble Quarter but she discovered he had taken a beautiful Ice Witch as a lover. [6f] Later she discovered the victim of a chaos cult and found captive refugee girls held for the cult - she decided to join them and see where they were taken.[6g] She killed the cultists, interrogating one to try and find their leader and released the girls to flee into the night. As she chased the last surviving cultist, she was confronted by a trio of female vampires. [6h]

They introduced themselves as Lahmians, their leader, Boyarina Evegena Boradin demanding to know what she was doing in Praag. When Ulrika refused to either leave the city or enter her service, she ordered Raiza to kill her, but Ulrika managed to escape. [6i] She continued to peruse the cult and attacked a large gathering but was nearly overcome by the Warlock who led it, being saved by another vampire who suggested she learn to be a vampire elsewhere. [6j] He reluctantly introduced himself as Stefan von Kohln and that he was seeking vengeance on the killer of his blood-father. [6k]

Ulrika approached the Lahmians, seeking an audience and requesting to enter now to enter the service of Evegena, but also warned her against a rising cult of Slaanesh, pleading that the Boyarina act against it. Although Evegena was reluctant to do so, fearing exposure she was persuaded by Galiana who counselled that if there was a threat it could effect them all. She then extracted a blood vow from the young vampire, binding her lightly to her before dispatching her with Raiza to act against the cult. [6l]

Investigating the cult further, they were attacked by a cultist who threw a strange black dagger at Raiza, missing her heart but draining part of her soul when she was struck in the arm. Stefan later tells Ulrika that it is a Blood Shard. [6m] She returns to her sisters and discovered that Raiza could not heal the wound and had had to amputate her arm below the elbow. Ulrika reveals her knowledge and tenetaive alliance with Stefan but this provoked Evegena to declare her a spy. [6n] Again Ulrika flees, only escaping as Raiza pays her debt in letting her go during the pursuit. Some of the cultists are found dead, and she joined with Stefan again against the cult who were trying to steal the Viol of Fieromonte. [6o]

They confront them in the Sorcerers Spire, killing several and taking the violin but are confronted by two huge mutated champions of Slaanesh, one of which proclaimed herself as Jodis the Unsated, handmaiden to Sirena Amberhair and in the ensuing fight the vampires lose the violin to them. [6p] They are then forced to flee into the sewers to escape the sun and after feeding, spend some time together passionately exchanging blood.[6q]

Beyond the End Times

The Ghost of the Slayer Snorri Nosebiter recalls seeing her and Maximilian Schreiber at a party in the Realm of Shyish but even when he was alive he was an unreliable source and he did not mention if she was alive, dead or undead. [10a]




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