Undead in the Mortal Realms

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Undead are a type of creature created from the corpses of the dead.



For more information see: Malignant

Malignants are spirits of dead mortals. Usually, the soul of a mortal will go to the respective underworld of their culture or belief, and eventually fade away. However, certain souls of immense willpower or hatred can hold on, and will themselves into remaining among the living. This comes at a price, however. What is left of the soul is a jaded, bitter thing, with a burning hatred and jealousy for the living. These demented spirits usually manifest at the edge of the realms, where magic flows the strongest.[1]


For more information see: Mordant

Mordants or Ghouls are humanoid cannibals that have consumed flesh from the feast of an Abhorrant Ghoul King. This transforms them into pale horrors that share their king's delusions, they become covinced they are nobles, peasants and soldiers in the service of a beneficent master, rather than the monstrous cannibals under the service of a bestial vampire.[3]


For more information see: Reanimant

Reanimants are type of undead construct, with the only known examples are the Morghasts.[4a]


For more information see: Skeleton

Skeletons are skeletons animated by an undying malevolence.[4b]


For more information see: Vampire

Vampires are one of the most powerful types of Undead that can be found throughout the Mortal Realms. There are two main types of vampire in the Mortal Realms: The Soulblight vampires that can trace descent from Queen Neferata [2a] and the Abhorrant Ghoul Kings that trace their line from the Carrion King.[3]


For more information see: Zombie

Zombies are rotting corpses animated by necromancy.[5]