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Under-Altdorf is one of the largest Skaven cities of the Under-Empire in the world, buried deep beneath the capital of the Empire, Altdorf. [1]

Second only to Skavenblight itself, the vast warren is a nest of intrigue as the various clans fight for dominance. [1a]



The Grand High Supreme Council of Under-Altdorf, Festerreach and Gnawhome. [1b]

  • Others
    • Vermisch: Emissary of the Council, member of Clan Skryre. [1c]


During the Second Plague War, Clan Pestilens gave their supposed allies, Clan Mawrl the Wormstone which infected and destroyed the entire clan, forcing the other clans to collapse and seal all entrances to the burrow of the lost clan in case the infection would spread. [1d]

Following the re-discovery of the burrow of Clan Mawrl by Skabritt [1a], the Council of Thirteen dispatched Grey Seer Thanquol to recover the artefact and prevent it falling into the hands of any others, especially the leaders of Under-Altdorf. Secretly Clan Pestilens sent the fearsome Lord Skrolk to recover it for themselves and he quickly enlisted Skrattch Scarpaw and others to eliminate Thanquol and find the stone. [1]

However human smugglers had also broken into the burrow, fleeing their own enemies and brought it back into the city above, where it began to infect them, drawing the attention of the Wizard Jeremias Scrivner. As the various races and factions fought and schemed, eventually Thanquol attempted to poison the underground water supply of both cities with the ground up stone but his attempt was foiled by Scrivner and his agents, although they were forced to breach the reservoir to do so. The resulting flood destroyed part of Under-Altdorf and killed about a tenth of its population, reducing its power and status. [1]

Thanquol put the blame for the devastation of the city-burrow and loss of the stone on Thratquee but the Council of Thirteen considered that both outcomes were now desirable and made plans to reward the old Seer and increase his power. [2a]


The city houses approximately 120,000 individuals including slaves. [3a]


  • Harbour: A vast cavern houses the port of the city with ramshackle wharf's tenuously reaching out across the dark water where the numerous barges load and unload their cargo. Here slaves and goods stolen from the city above are shipped out to the rest of the Under-Empire. [1c]
  • Supreme High Leader Nest: A large hall constructed with stolen marble blocks and granite columns, it is decorated with tapestries many of whose figures have been crudely altered from human to skaven. The floor is a riot of colour from the varied bricks whilst a single crystal chandelier hangs above - there are thirteen chairs (stolen from an opera house) for the council members. [1c]
  • Temple of the Horned Rat[1d]
    • Underneath the temple is the well protected lair of the Grey Seer, Thratquee. [1d]


The city imports warpstone, grain and skaven slaves whilst exporting human slaves, masonry, lumber, steel, cloth and various treasures stolen from the city above. [1c]

One of the highest value imports is black corn, grown in the Blighted Marshes of Skavenblight - having it and consuming it being a powerful status symbol across the Under-Empire. [1c]


The city is linked to other city-burrows by underground rivers along which bargerats pole their flat-bottomed barges through the darkness. [1c]


The best slaves are those who do not know they are slaves. Look at Under-Altdorf. This city has grown to be the most powerful in all the Under-Empire....except Skavenblight. itself of course. It has prospered so not by fighting the humans, but using them, growing fat off their labour and industry. The Horned Rat favours cunning, favours those with vision. Skaven such as me, and you, Grey Seer Thanquol.

~Thratquee .[1d]


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