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Under-Delberz is a Skaven settlement beneath the town of Delberz in the Empire. [1]

It serves as an important staging point between Altdorf and Middenheim and as a market for the goods, slaves and material stolen from the human settlement above it. The Clans Mors, Moulder, Skryre and Skab all muster troops here and consequently it is seldom peaceful even by skaven standards. Following the Storm of Chaos Clan Mors and Skryre fought each other in the streets with only the resident Grey Seers preventing all out clan warfare. [1a]



The Most High Grand Council of Under-Delberz. [1a] There are eleven members of the Council, with the majority of seats allocated to Clan Moulder and meetings are held in secret in the chamber adjacent to the Big Squeak.[1a]


The city houses approximately 10,000 individuals including slaves. [3a]


  • Big Squeak: The town square is a constant bustle of activity, newsqueakers spreading gossip and rumour, theft is commonplace as is brawls. In the centre is deep dark well which the skaven avoid. Proclamations by the Council are made here from the relative safety of their balcony. [1a]
  • Breeding Pits: The most heavily guarded area in the settlement, constantly patrolled and access restricted to those few strong and high status skaven allowed to breed as well as the ratwives. Unlike the rest of Under-Delberz it is quiet here, although pitch black and not quite as filthy due to the relative lack of traffic through it. [1a]
  • Docks: The River Black mirrors the River Delb above and large ramshackle docks can be found along its length where the dubious looking river craft of Clan Sleekit can be found.[1a]
  • Dreg Pile: The workers district where the common skaven dwell and merchants set up stalls in the wider streets. [1a]
  • Master-Leader Nests: Each major clan has a small bunker-stronghold. [1a]
    • Clan Eshin Master-Leader Nest: dimly lit and subdued, it is death for non-Eshin to enter here without invitation even though there is no obvious security. [1a]
    • Clan Moulder Master-Leader Nest: Its entrance guarded by two chained Rat Ogre's. [1a]
    • Clan Mors Master-Leader Nest: The largest of the Warlord clan nests with obvious guards outside its entrance. [1a]
    • Clan Pestilens Master-Leader Nest: Such a horrible stench and dangerous reputation emanates from the burrow that it disdains obvious defences.[1a]
    • Clan Skaar Master-Leader Nest. [1a]
    • Clan Skab Master-Leader Nest: Few skaven go near it as they risk being set upon by its doorkeepers. [1a]
    • Clan Skryre Master-Leader Nest: Two poles are set above the entrance which constantly arc with green warp energy. [1a]
    • Clan Sleekit Master-Leader Nest: Has a small embassy in the dock area. [1a]
  • Skrawl Market: A series of twisty tunnels with many stalls selling many items form Halfling pets to warpstone incense. [1a]
  • Slave Pens: Perhaps the most vile place in the whole settlement where hundreds of captives are kept unwashed and without sanitation for months at a time.[1a]
  • Slave-Things-Place: Unpatrolled by the militia, this is where visiting skaven merchants can stay and trade and hostels can be found as well as many food stalls. [1a]
  • Squeak-Kill Burrows: Quarters for transient Clanrats which are usually all from one clan - here hundreds of hapless skaven sleep atop each other in stinking piles - the lowest ranked acting as living mattresses and pillows for their superiors. [1a]
  • Temple of the Horned Rat: One of the largest and most imposing buildings, its walls covered with shards of black glass and warpstone-tinged effigies. The huge bell is rung every thirteenth hour. About a dozen Grey Seers make the temple their home. [1a]
  • Thing-Killer Headquarters: Adjacent to the Council building, it was nearly destroyed in riot shortly before the Storm of Chaos, it is the headquarters of the towns militia. [1a]
  • Whelp Pits: Squalid dark chambers where the skaven pups are raised. [1a]


The city is linked to other city-burrows by the underground river along which bargerats pole their flat-bottomed barges through the darkness. [1c]


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