Urk Ironskull

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Urk Ironskull was a Black Orc Warboss of the Mountains of Mourn. [1a]


He arose amongst his kind to become a mighty warlord, pushing out from his stronghold at Mount Black Fang, defeating many Ogre tribes. As he achieved his victories, more and more greenskins were drawn to his banner until it became a full blown Waaagh! [1a]

The scattered Ogre tribes were no match for him and his warriors until they were united by the newly crowned Greasus Goldtooth who gathered a great army of his kind to destroy Urk. Ironskull himself had been fighting and defeating various Tyrants and looked to choose the battleground were to face the ogre army. He attacked the volcano Fire Mouth, planting his banners after driving off the Firebellies that dwelt there and prepared his horde to fight and defeat the ogres who enraged by his mocking of their sacred site would chage his prepared lines. [1a]

Greasus however led his charge with a large herd of might beasts including Stonehorns and Thundertusks, followed by a phalanx of Mournfang Cavalry. This onslaught tampled through the goblins and even the Night Goblin fanatics before crashing into the line of Black Orcs. The powerful greenskins held and began to hew down the beasts but now they were pinned in place and seperated from the rest of the horde. [1a]

Finally Urk and Greasus met at the height of the brutal battle, the huge Ogre grabbing the orc, even as he slammed his twin axes into his chest. Undetered, Greasus squeezed and squeezed until the warboss was nothing but a twitching, lifeless husk. [1a]


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