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Played Warhammer Fantasy for the last 4 years but have been involved in the fluff for nearly 10. The last 4 years have primarily been focused on the Skaven and their timeline including the Council of Thirteen, the rise and fall of various clans and the various politics involved. Primarily my sources stem from the novels I have read as well as Armybooks and Expansions. Ask Me Anything about the Dreaded Underfolk.

Re-reading of the Black Plague Trilogy, followed by the Thanqoul trilogy and then Headtaker and Rise of the Horned Rat is underway with information being noted and cataloged. Skavenblight is the current focus, followed by the various clans.

Got a suggestion? Let me know

Novels read (by faction):

Gotrek and Felix -Trollslayer -Skavenslayer -Daemonslayer -Gotrex and Felix the Anthology

Skaven: -Grey Seer -Temple of the Serpent -Thanqoul's Doom -Dead Winter -Blighted Empire -Wolf of Sigmar -Headtaker

Orcs and Goblins: -Skarsnik

Wood Elves: -Orion: Vaults of Winter

Vampire Counts: -The Red Duke -Neferata -Master of Death

Tomb Kings: -Nagash the Sorcerer -Nagash the Unbroken -Nagash Immortal

End Times: -Rise of the Horned Rat

Warriors of Chaos: -Valika the Bloody -Sigvald