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Hy there, I hope that you like reading and improving the articles of this wiki. If you have any doubts or questions, if you wish to make any suggestion or complaint please don't be shy or afraid. I might disagree in some issues but I'm here to help and listen.

Remember also: you're free to take all the breaks that you want and need. Spend some time with your friends, go to school, play some computer games, flirt with your girlfriend, don't neglect your family, etc. If you want to take a break take it. If you focus yourself too much in the Lexicanum you will burn out. Aehren 03:08, 29 June 2011 (CEST)

Thank you. :) /Hildifons 16:27, 29 June 2011 (CEST)
Thank you for saving the article Burgher. I was going to delete the article today but then I noticed your edit. I cannot "impose the law" if I'm not willing to give the example and obey it like anybody else. Thanks. Aehren 03:35, 3 October 2011 (CEST) PS: Your signature is a bit weird. Are typing the 4 " ~ " or are you using a different method?
No problem. It is a good article. My signature is different because it links to an empty user page. I have yet to add personal information. /Hildifons 07:43, 3 October 2011 (CEST)