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Hy there, it seems that you are focusing yourself upon Bretonnia. That's fine (I tend to somewhat neglect that nation).

Look, about official sources: this was one of my (many) mistakes. Only GW products (armybooks, sourcebooks, novels, etc) are official sources. After all it matters little from which website someone finds the image if the image appeared in the GW sourcebook. A fan website isn't an official source (a reasonable exception are websites from GW artists, writers, etc).

Winter holidays are around the corner: I will take care of these images in a couple of weeks. I will delete the image and then re-upload it with the proper source (one by one). It will take time but then I have all the time that I need. The last couple of weeks I have had little time (and quite frankly the patience) to make significant contributions. Aehren 04:19, 24 November 2011 (CET)

I actually prefer more technological Warhammer nations, and so Bretonnia is one of my least favourite armies (never really liked their "ditch gunpowder because it's not chivalrious" approach). However, I view Warhammer background (which is what Lexicanum is meant to be about) as a harmonius whole, where all nations deserve more-or-less equal representation. As such, I'm trying to fill in the many, many gaps in some of the less popular nations (Beastmen are the worst, having a grand total of 7 articles.) IMHO, this wiki still lacks a complete "skeleton" of tabletop troop articles, which is required for a healthy "flesh" of detailed background.

Good luck with fixing the sourcing of the images! NTC3 08:44, 24 November 2011 (CET)