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Ushabti are giant statues carved in the image of the many deities of the Nehekharan pantheon and guard the great pyramids of the Tomb Kings.[1a][2a]

The word Ushabti is a Nehekharan word that means Chosen of the Gods. [2a]

Ushabti are imposing monuments, over three times the height of an average human. Being larger, they are fiercely strong but also very agile. When they are needed, the Tomb Kings bring the Ushabti to life by channelling great magic through them.[1a]

Those that fight for the Tomb Kings see it as a great sign when Ushabti enter the battlefield, being representatives of their gods.[1a]


In the time before Nagash, Ushabti also known as the Devoted were human infantry, given differing blessings by the gods depending on which deity favoured their home city and the strength and power of which was in proportion to the faith of the individual Ushabti. They acted as the bodyguard for their king, in much the same way as the Tomb Guard does now, in death but in Mahrak they guarded the Hieratic Council and the temples. A single temple in the city was able to muster no more than two score and ten holy warriors. [3a]

When Nagash marched on the city with a horde of the dead in -1744 IC, 600 of them gathered on the walls to face him. [3a]

  • Ushabti of Djaf: In Mahrak they could kill with a touch and had the heads of jackals. [3a]
  • Ushabti of Geheb: In Ka-Sabar they were tawny giants with lambent eyes and cat like fangs but in Mahrak they became even more powerful hybrids of man and lion. [3a]
  • Ushabti of Ptra: Gold skinned titans whose hands could shatter swords. [3a]


  • The Alabaster Army of Quatar is a powerful force of Ushabti that have crushed many armies beneath their feet before returning to their rest in the White Palace. [2b]

Symbols of the Gods

The most favoured visage that the Ushabti are fashioned to resemble include Djaf, Phakth [2a] and Ptra. [1a]

Weapons and Equipment

Some wield vast staves whilst others use huge bows that shoot arrows the ize of spears with each weapon is beautifully crafted and engraved with hieroglyphs and patterns. [2a]

  • 6th Edition: Huge Ritual Blade. [1b]
  • 8th Edition: Great Weapon, Hand Weapon. May replace Great Weapon with Additional Hand Weapon or Great Bow. May have Ushabti Ancient, Musician, Standard Bearer. [2c]




They stand staring into the sun for eternity, the physical embodiments of the everlasting god. Tremble ye who look upon their divine forms!

~ Inscription at the base of the Ushabti depicting the great gods of Nehekhara, at the entrance to the Great Pyramid of Rakaph I.[1a]


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