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Ushabti are giant statues carved in the image of the many deities of the Nehekharan pantheon and guard the great pyramids of the Tomb Kings.[1a]

Ushabti are imposing monuments, over three times the height of an average human. Being larger, they are fiercely strong but also very agile. When they are needed, the Tomb Kings bring the Ushabti to life by channelling great magic through them.[1a]

Those that fight for the Tomb Kings see it as a great sign when Ushabti enter the battlefield, being representatives of their gods.[1a]


In the time before Nagash, Ushabti were human infantry, given differing blessings by the gods depending on which god favoured their home city. They acted as the bodyguard for their king, in much the same way as the Tomb Guard does now, in death.[2]

Symbols of the Gods

Favoured that the Ushabti are fashioned to resemble include Djaf, Phakth and Ptra. [1a]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 6th Edition: Huge Ritual Blade. [1b]




They stand staring into the sun for eternity, the physical embodiments of the everlasting god. Tremble ye who look upon their divine forms!

~ Inscription at the base of the Ushabti depicting the great gods of Nehekhara, at the entrance to the Great Pyramid of Rakaph I.[1a]


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