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Uthl'kritchnaak is an Exalted Daemon Herald of Nurgle that wiped out the population of Quetza and created the Skaven Clan Pestilens. [1a][1b]


A disease-ridden humanoid figure about eight feet tall, a gaping maw jutting from its guts and many twisted horns on its head. [1b]


After the population of Querza had perished, Uthl'kritchnaak hibinated in the Throne Room, deep underground. [1b]

When a Skaven Clan burrowed into the ruins of Quetza, they thought they had found a perfect lair but soon found themselves ravaged by disease, dying in drves, wracked in pain. A few survivors lurched into a cavern deep beneath the ruins and discovered Uthl'kritchnaak.[1a]

Their leader, Nurglitch promised the remaining members of his clan to serve the Deamon and his Master, embracing the plagues and creating Clan Pestilens.[1a]


Uthl'kritchnaak has learnt how to draw on the Geomantic Web. [1b]

Weapons and Equipment

  • Horn of Desecration: His own horn, broken off during his first assault on Quetza. It has runes of Chaos carved into it, which infuses it with potent plague energy and can be used to summon a host of vermin. [1b]


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