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Valkia is a warrior-maiden and consort of Khorne the Blood God. She fights with the spear Slaupnir and a shield upon which is mounted the head of Locephax, a Daemon Prince of Slaanesh.[1]


Born into the Schwarzvolf tribe in the World-that-Was, Valkia quickly became a mortal favourite of the Axefather, as they named Khorne.[1]

In the year 1396 IC she led her army and overran the Dwarf positions guarding the stronghold of Karak Ghulg. Following her victory, she ordered her followers to carry out a grotesque practice upon their defeated foes. They unfolded their victim’s bloody red ribs, made naked their hearts and spread out their lungs. It looked like they bore strange fleshy wings and was termed the Blood Raven. [2a]

Locephax, a powerful Daemon of Slaanesh suggested to her that she might suit the life of a slave rather than a queen. The Gorequeen took up her magical spear Slaupnir and attacked, the sagas tell that the two fought for days before Valkia finally felled the daemon and decapitated him. She set the daemon’s head upon her shield as a trophy. [2a]

She crossed the Chaos Wastes to join her master but fell at the last moment, only to be raised up by her god as a daemon queen.[1] He took the Gorequeen in his grasp and moulded her into a form more pleasing pulling great horns from her head, making her legs those of of a Bloodletter and pulling great bat-like wings from the muscle and skin of her shapely back. [2a]

Since that time Khorne fully recognised her pure rage and has breathed life anew into her more than once.

So strong was conviction of Valkia that she travelled to the Realm of Chaos to see Khorne himself. There she carved out her own kingdom - the volcanic fortress of Mount Ashenfel.


She is known as the Gorequeen and the Bringer of Glory. [2a]


Are you so foolish that you do not know our creed? It is a simple thing to decide, barbarian. Death…or glory. But I suggest you decide quickly.

~ Valkia.[1]


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