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Valkia is a warrior-maiden and consort of Khorne the Blood God. She fights with the spear Slaupnir and a shield upon which is mounted the head of Locephax, a Daemon Prince of Slaanesh.[1]


Born into the Schwarzvolf tribe in the World-that-Was, Valkia quickly became a mortal favourite of the Axefather, as they named Khorne.[1] So strong was conviction of Valkia that he traveled to the Realm of Chaos to see Khorne himself. There she carved out her own kingdom - the volcanic fortress of Mount Ashenfel.[3] She crossed the Chaos Wastes to join her master but fell at the last moment, only to be raised up by her god as a daemon queen.[1] Since that time Khorne fully recognized her pure rage and has breathed life anew into her more than once.[3]


Are you so foolish that you do not know our creed? It is a simple thing to decide, barbarian. Death…or glory. But I suggest you decide quickly.

~ Valkia.[1]