Vampires in the Mortal Realms

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A soulblight vampire.

Vampires are one of the most powerful types of Undead that can be found throughout the Mortal Realms.

There are two main types of vampire in the Mortal Realms:

The Soulblight vampires that can trace descent from Queen Neferata [2a] and the Abhorrant Ghoul Kings that trace their line from the Carrion King.

The Soulblight Curse

Mortals who are transformed by the Curse gain many benefits - unnatural strength, incredible resilience and of course immortality, yet they become subject to the insatiable need to feed on fresh blood. If the thirst is not temporarily quenched, then the vampire can become little more than a mindless monster, only seeking to feed the predatory urges. [2c]

Across the Mortal Realms, there are many legends about such creatures, some spread by the vampires themselves – few are accurate. The light of sun does not cause a soulblight vampire to immolate although some despise or even fear its light. A fast flowing river is not a source of worry and the old wives tale that scattering the seeds of the sourwort plant is more likely to provoke laughter. [2c]

Soulblight Bloodlines

There are four main bloodlines of vampire, each of them with a specific affinity:[1] [2d]

  • Dragon Warriors with superior combat skills.[1][2d]
  • Lords of Night with the ability to more easily influence their minions.[1][2d]
  • Necromantic with the ability to cause fear and superior wizardry.[1][2d]
  • Swift Death with superior speed and agility.[1] [2d]

Some vampires continue or assume the trappings of nobility whereas others such as the tribal chieftains of the Realm of Ghur are savage and bestial, bearing huge fangs and covered in heavy course hair. Those that dwell in the Parching Wastes of the Realm of Aqshy are almost skeletal, pale skinned and with knife like talons. The lords and ladies of Nulahmia and other such strongholds of their kind compete in political games of subtlety that make take centuries to play out. [2c]

Vargheists are the bestial heart of the curse – huge bat winged abominations that are much larger than their civilised cousins – closer to the dark mirror of the Abhorrant Ghoul Kings. They do not sip the blood of the chosen from jewelled chalices, but rather tear their prey apart and lap up the spilled blood. Should a soulblight vampire go too long without blood, he or she may revert to this form and there is no way to return – some vampires impose this as a punishment on wayward kin. Yet even these monsters can be revered – as with the Avengorii Dynasty in the Realm of Ghur whose champions undergo the mas’ranga ritual willingly. [2c]

Lands of the undead

Throughout the Mortal Realms, vampire rule over a variety of lands, some where the mortal inhabitants are nothing more than cattle, others where they are integrated into the complex social structure - although of course the soulblight vampires remain at the pinnacle. [2c]



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