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File:Stormhost Command Hierarchy.png
The Hierarchy of the chambers of the Stormhosts.

A Chamber is the largest tactical formation of a Stormhost of the Stormcast Eternals. There are various kinds of chambers and the exact number of chamber types vary between Stormhosts.[1a]

Strike Chambers

Strike Chambers are the main fighting force of a Stormhost. There are three kinds of Strike Chambers: Warrior, Harbinger, and Exemplar.[1a]

Warrior Chamber

Typically the most predominant chamber type, Warrior Chambers are the largest, most numerous, and tactically flexible form of Strike Chamber. Each has up to twenty-four retinues of all four conclave types.[1b]

Harbinger Chamber

Fast and manoeuvrable, Harbinger Chambers serve as the eyes and ears of a Stormhost, often being the first to confront the enemy. They have up to fifteen retinues of three conclaves, focusing on a large Angelos Conclave with smaller Redeemer and Justicar Conclaves.[1b]

Exemplar Chamber

The elite members of a Stormhost, often primarily consisting of Paladin retinues. Their fifteen retinues are split into a large Paladin Conclave and ancillary Justicar and Angelos conclaves.[1b]

Tempest Chambers

Serving as support for the Strike Chambers, Tempest Chambers vary in organisation and function, often containing a Stormhost's more wondrous and outlandish warriors.[1a]

Extremis Chamber

Serving as a breakthrough force, all members of the chamber have bonded with a draconic mount after enduring the hazardous Trials of Starwalking. It consists of a Lord-Celestant, a Drakesworn Temple of three Drakesworn Templars, and the Dracothian Guard's two echelons: the Lightning Echelon, consisting of Tempestors and Fulminators, and the Thunderwave Echelon, having Desolators and Concussors.[1c]

Vanguard Auxilliary Chamber

Independent hunters and pathfinders who have prowled the realms since the first appearance of the Stormcast Eternals, they serve as their Stormhost's eyes and ears. They have a large Angelos conclave and a smaller Justicar conclave, as well as their Chamber Command of a Lord-Aquilor, Knights-Azyros, and Knights-Venator.[1d]

Sacrosanct Chamber

There are many duties of those who are members of a Sacrosanct Chamber – one of the most important is to oversee the reforging process, which returns Stormcast Eternals slain in battle to fight again in the name of Sigmar. The process is not without its dangers and requires Stormcast attuned to the aetheric and the ability to wield the power of the Heavens in Sigmar’s name. As the Age of Sigmar continued and the side effects of the reforging process became more and more pronounced. The Sacrosanct Chamber continues to search for a solution.[2a]

Unopened Chambers

Several Tempest Chambers remain sealed as of writing, their contents unknown to all but Sigmar.[1a]

  • Ruination Chamber
  • Covenant Chamber
  • Logister Chamber