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Titles God of the Forgotten Dead
Domains Forgotten Dead
Type Underworld Deity
Status Devoured by Nagash
Home Realm of Shyish
Followers Lost Souls

Vannah was a God of Death who was devoured by Nagash in the Time of Tribulations.[1]


A large being composed of amethyst light. [1]


In the Age of Myth the god took refuge in a hidden underworld, untouched by Nagash, populated by lost souls.[1]

In the Time of Tribulations having discovered his continued existence, Sigmar sent emissaries to find the god and ask him to join him in battle against Nagash. Finally using a Katophrane tablet recovered from Shadespire, the Stormcast Eternal Rayvan Nightbolt found him and his lost souls. However this also revealed the previously hidden deity and his charges to Nagash who devoured the god and claimed those souls as his own.[1]


He has the power to hide his underworld and it's lost souls and strike them from memory, standing outside of Nagash's grasp for three ages. A metal tablet built by the Katophranes allowed a Stormcast to subvert his power, allowing them to be found.[1]


These are my forgotten dead. In death they sought escape from the deeds of their past, and by my power were they stricken from all memory.

~Vannah to Rayvan Nightbolt..[1]


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