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A Varghulf

Varghulfs are Vampires who have chosen or been forced to embrace their bestial side and let it take over. They exist only to feed, their body swelling with the life essence of their countless victims. Although Varghulfs have neither the ability or the desire to wield magic, they do act as a conduit for Dark Magic.[1a][2a]

Whilst a Vampire is bound into a human-like form, a Varghulf has no such hindrance. It is a mass of muscle, with the strength to demolish a wall or crush a carriage in order to find prey. With powerful legs and broad wings there is little that can outrun a hungry Varghulf. Once caught the victim will face a dagger-fanged mouth easily capable of crushing armour and smashing bones. When the prey is dead a Varghulf will strip flesh and break bone with its immense claws in order to suck out the delicious bone marrow.[1a] [2a]

Other Vampires consider them to be disgusting and uncivilised. Nevertheless, a Vampire would not turn down the chance to have such a lethal predator as part of their army. Ghouls are often drawn towards Varghulfs, seeking a powerful master and protector. In return the Varghulf becomes the king of a flesh-eating tribe. It will make court in a cave or tomb, sending forth its minions to capture prey to kill, or corpses if live capture is not possible. Although mindless in the grip of its blood thirst, a Varghulf is much more terrifying than a mere animal.[1a][2a] The hidden caverns and hidden lairs of a Strigoi Ghoul King often host one or more of these pwoerful creatures. [2a]

Weapons and Equipment

A Vargulf attacks with Massive Talons and Fangs which count as a Hand Weapon. [1b]



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