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Titles The Maker,
Type God
Affiliation Elves

Vaul, the Maker is a God in the Elven pantheon. Vaul is associated with smithing and the crafting of items. [4a]


Vaul is one of the Cadai (the Gods of the heavens) and serves as the smith and forgemaster of that realm. Long ago in the ancient wars of the Gods, Vaul challenged Khaine and was wounded in return, left crippled and blind. Though this did not affect his ability to craft items of great power, and The Maker is now enslaved to Khaine, forced to craft items of great power. Vaul hates Khaine with an enduring passion, but still labours in silence.[1a]

As Vaul works, his tears hiss upon the forge, falling to the mortal world as shards of flint.[2a] It was Vaul who forged the Widowmaker - the Sword of Khaine, which was heated with the fiery breath of Draugnir, Father of Dragons. Vaul knows that the Elves and their Gods will need all the weapons they can get when Rhana Dandra (the apocalypse) arrives.[1a]

Vaul also forged the eight rings of Khaine, which each held one of the winds of magic and were designed by Hekarti. However growing concerned with Khaine's power, the two conspired against Khaine. They manipulated Athari into attempting to seduce Khaine and steal the rings. When this failed, Atharti and Khaine came to blows, and the rings fell from Khaine's fingers and were lost in the mortal world. One, Khaine's Ring of Fury was recovered by the Asur (High Elves).[1b]

Vaul is the patron to Elven artisans, crafters, smiths, armourers and the like. Among the Asrai (Wood Elves), the skilled archers of the Glade Guard always fashion their own arrows, not trusting such a vital task to any other. A hunter is nothing without a quiver of reliable arrows. As a result they hold The Maker in especially high regard. Each Glade Guard carries one flint-headed arrow inscribed with the words Ethris Yl Idrion in Fan-Eltharin, meaning "The Maker's Tear".[2b]

The Order of Vaul is his priesthood.


Main article: Daith

Lord Daith is ruler of the realm of Torgovann within the Forest of Loren. There are strong hints he may in fact be Vaul, in mortal form. He is the greatest living Elven smith, has been blind for as long as any Elf can remember, and rumours abound of his great age. It is said that Daith may be older than Ariel, possibly being on the original Elven colonists of the Old World. Some also say he forged the Dragon Armour of Aenarion. This would make him well over six millennia old, which is an extreme age, even for an Elf.[2a]

Vaul's Anvil

The largest and most important shrines to the Maker are invariably called Vaul's Anvil. As such, there are several locations called "Vaul's Anvil:"

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