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Vidor was a Dark Elf assassin and slave hunter in service to Malekith during the Witch King's invasion of Ulthuan.[1a]


He dressed in leather with a hooded jerkin, appearing much like an inhabitant of Avelorn or one of the Asrai.[1a]


Malekith had his sorcerers alter the olfactory centre of his brain enabling him to track like a hound, as aside effect he experienced almost sexual pleasure from hunting and killing. [1a]

Vidor was often used to hunt down escaped slaves and he delighted in doing so. [1a]

Malekith sent him, along with Amara, Balial, and Khalion, to locate General Dorian Silverblade's wayward force and capture the Everqueen, Alarielle, alive or dead. [1a]

Amara and Vidor located the camp of the general and awoke him with a knife at his throat for interrogation as to what had happened since contact had been lost with their master. The tale that Dorian told them tallied with their own investigations and when they confirmed their identity and authority, the general knew he had little choice but to assist them as they required. [1b]

The quartet finally confronted Alarielle and her escort, Prince Tyrion, in the Darkwood but they were then attacked by a Manticore, Vidor immediately putting an arrow through its eye. He was then struck a glancing blow by a fireball from Sunfang, setting him on fire. [1c]

As he lay dying, burnt and in great agony he managed to activate the amulet given to him by Malekith to tell him of their failure. [1c]

Weapons and Equipment

He was a deadly shot with great longbow he carried and highly adept with both sword and dagger. [1a]


I confess I am disappointed. I was expecting an epic battle when we found you. Your exploits have already made you quite famous.

~ Vidor to Tyrion.[1c]


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