Visquit Furblak

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Visquit Furblak was a Skaven Warlord and leader of Clan Rabidscar. [1a]


The largest of his litter when he was born, the white patch of fur above his left eye marking him as blessed by the Horned Rat. [1a]

As a ambitious young chieftain he discovered that a certain Mount Taurig had shards of Warpstone hidden in its depths. As agents of the Council of Thirteen, including the Grey Seer Iktabg[1c] were returning to report he ambushed them beneath Skavenblight, killed them and stole their maps and a warpstone amulet. He then fled to the Black Chasm. [1a]

There he took control of the Clan, subjugating other local Warlord Clans, building his strength to lead Rabidscar to the mountain and mine for the warpstone. However after ten years of rule, age weakened him and rebellions drove his clan from the Chasm, the survivors fled towards Mount Taurig. [1a]

Using the map and amulet stolen years before, he sent scouts to locate the mountain and when they did so, quickly ordered his slaves to begin digging a mining-warren, centered on an old man-thing temple. Conscious of the nearby town of Ausreik, he sent his scouts to observe them. However whilst they were away, a party of pilgrims arrived and began their search for relics. [1c]

Although Chieftain Scurrit returned and attacked the pilgrims, to the fury of Furblak some including their leader escaped to warn Ausreik about the Skaven. The only consolation was that Scurrit, a potential challenger was himself killed. Furblak now dispatched another ambitious chieftain, Thazakar to guard the road from the Empire to the town as the Warload forced his slaves to work faster to extract the warpstone. [1d]

With the defeat of a relief column and the first shards of warpstone being excavated, Visquit began to strengthen his position and buy new allies. He then discovered that the largest deposit of warpstone was actually beneath Ausreik itself and even Clan Skryre engineers could not reach it by tunneling. [1e]

Although he did not have the forces for a direct assault on the town, he ordred a series of stealth attacks on the stores and commanded the newly arrived Plague Priest Scrack to surround and infect the town with the Black Plague. [1e] To his fury, the man-things sallied out and defeated Scrack, forcing the old warlord to hire additional forces to take the town in the Spring. [1e]

A second, much stronger relief column arrived under the command of the Skaven-slayer himself, Count Mandred of Middenheim driving off the skaven and heading directly for the mine-warren. [1f] With no choice but to fight, Visquit led his army out to fight the humans at the Battle of the Taurig [1g] where he would fall to Mandred's blade. [1h]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 5th Edition: Heavy Armour, Shield, Skavenbrew, Warpstone Amulet, Weeping Blade. [1h]
  • Warpstone Amulet: Not only does the amulet protect him, he was able to use it to guide him to warpstone deposits. [1h]


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