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The Volturung Lodge is a powerful Fyreslayer Lodge in the Realm of Aqshy[1]

They have a vast hold in the Voltdang in the Firespike Mountains and have carved a entire mountainside into the image of their god Grimnir below which is the gate into their realm. The road to the hold through the surrounding desert has hundreds of cairns displaying the weapons and armour of those who have waged war upon their fortress and failed. Before the hold is a ruined town, with buildings suitable for many races.[1]

Voltus is Runefather to scores of lodges within Volturung and nearly a dozen others claim direct kinship including Ulgaen who returned to request aid at the end of the Age of Chaos.[1]


My father is runefather, highest lord of all the volturung kin-lodges, which I suppose includes you. Your lot, you're a stripling lodge looking for a handout. That is not the Fyreslayer way. If you've got ur-gold to pay us to fight, then fine. If you have something to offer us for our mutual profit, we can talk.

~Golgunnir to Ulgathern-Grimnir.[1]