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Vorgaroth the Scarred is a legendary warrior of Khorne's Bloodbound known for riding the dragoness known as Skalok, the Skull Host of Khorne. The path of slaughter and destruction across the Mortal Realms this pair has left behind is thing of legends having run for millennia with countless victims and making a colossal tower of skulls. If given the chance he would his slay his mount like his mount would slay him, but their partnership has razed civilisations and made them the favourite way for the Blood God to turn the tide of battle in his favour when his mortal armies falter. Or whenever the pair finds a sign of bloodshed when flying high above, ever-watchful for a chance to swoop down and bring death and destruction.[1][2]

Vorgaroth is armed with the Skull Cleaver Axe of Khrone an axe that he uses to hunt and slay the mightiest beasts of the Mortal Realms, the only ones he believes can hope to challenge him. Skalok is his mount, with a unnatural speed for her bulk easily able to crush even the nimblest of foes, the ability to spit White-hot Balefire, a furious wingbeat that disrupts the balance in the winds of magic for enemy wizards, eviscerating claws, cavernous jaws and a brass-plated tail the pair makes a monstrous team to face. Skalok can also devour fellow servants of Khorne to strengthen herself, powered by the fury that sweetens their blood. Vorgaroth is not just a warrior but a commander, demanding unwavering obedience from his fellow khornates with the promise of heavy punishment for any who shows the slightest sign of fear.[1][2]