Vorgaz Ironjaw

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Vorgaz Ironjaw was the Orc Warboss that invaded the Empire through the Black Fire Pass in 2520 IC.[1a][2a][3b]

In the resulting Third Battle of Black Fire Pass Vorgaz Ironjaw was opposed by the armies of Averland, Reikland and Altdorf. He managed to flank the Empire army from north-east with a force of boar riders. The Warboss fought his way past the Greatswords of Averland and slew Marius Leitdorf the Elector Count of Averland. Victory was near when Vorgaz challenged Emperor Karl Franz to duel. The Orc almost beat the ruler of the Empire, but then Sigmar empowered Karl to kill Vorgaz with the Ghal Maraz. Seeing their leader fall, the orcs scattered. [1a][2a][3a]

Weapons and Equipment

Vorgaz Ironjaw was the hugest Orc Emperor Karl Franz had ever seen, a true incarnation of bloodthirsty Orc species.[1a]

He wielded a massive battle axe crackling with green magical energies and wore a tattered armor. He also rode a Boar.