Vorn Thugenheim

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The Standard Bearer of Middenheim.

Vorn Thugenheim was the Standard Bearer of Middenheim and a member of the elite Teutogen Guard.


Bearer of the standard of Middenheim, Vorn is a respected warrior who has been given the honour of being chosen to enter the Teutogen Guard for his service within the Knights of the White Wolf, holdng a powerful position within the order.

Loyal, steadfast and fierce, he is the right hand of the Elector Count, Boris Todbringer. His father, Vieran was one of Todbringer's closest confidants and advisers. He gave his life for his lord in the same battle that Todbringer lost his eye in a desperate battle against the foul Beastmen of the Drakwald, led by Khazrak the One-Eye.

Todbringer took the young Vorn under his wing, raising him as his own son. Nevertheless, he was a stern father figure with high demands and expectations, being particularly cautious not to let the young lad have a privileged upbringing. Vorn excelled in all areas of his schooling, mastering the litanies of Ulric and proving himself as skilled swordsman and hunter.

A consummate perfectionist, Vorn trains diligently every day, rising an hour before his peers to practice his weapons training and to run through the forests. He is the youngest warrior ever to be given the privilege of bearing the banner of Middenheim. Despite his talent and high rank, he remains humble, and feels more comfortable with the common soldiery than the nobles. As an inspiration to Middenheim's defenders, Vorn is able to lift their spirits when he walks the walls at their side - a talent that will be needed in the dark times ahead.


1: Warhammer: Storm of Chaos

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