Vorrus Starstrike

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Vorrus Starstrike

Vorrus Starstrike is a Lord-Ordinator of the Hammers of Sigmar. [1a]

He is the author of Meditations on the Sacred Duties.[2]


Time of Tribulations

Following a vision in the Citadel of Heavenly Truths in High Azyr, he and a force of Stormcast of the the Anvils of the Heldenhammer prepare an ambush for the forces of Marakarr Blood-Sky.[1b]

He correctly interpreted the omens he had received at the Twilight Citadel of Modrhavn and destroyed a Chaos horde who had invaded the Land of Dead Heroes in the Realm of Shyish.[1c]

Joining a force of Stormcast led by Raelus Galewalker of the Galewalker Vanguard Chamber, he helps destroy processions of skeletons in Shyish but discovers that there are thousands more processions - each with thousands of Skeletons - all heading towards Nagashizzar. Shortly after, visions of fellow Stormcast being killed by the worshipers of Khorne enrage him and he leads the host to attack the Chaos forces rather than the dead.[1b]


The Stormhosts change the fate of the realms with each thunderous strike. Yet next to the innumerable minions of darkness, we are few indeed. We cannot fail, nor lose our way, for we must shape the future with hammer, blade and bolt

~Vorrus Starstrike.[2]