Vorst Treveign

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This page contains spoilers for: Obsidian (short story)

Vorst Treveign was a Soulblight vampire who ruled House Treveign in Nulahmia.[1]


Vorst lost his mortal consort shortly after the birth of Karya Treveign and by the time of his death had not acted to produce any further offspring. [1]

He plotted against Nagra Halorecht, the head of a rival House, poisoning her and when his high counsellor, Therul discovered it he had him killed. His daughter was secretly having a romance with Evered Halorecht and when she revealed that she had gained permission from Queen Neferata to marry him, Vorst acted to destroy his rivals, gently encourgaed by the Mortarch. [1]

Shortly after the vows were made, his assassin struck and killed both Nagra and Evered, causing the Grand Chapel of Night’s Hunger to errupt in violence as hundreds of vampires and their mortal retainers tore into each other. Karya confronted him and he was about to kill her when Neferata intervened and dispatched him. [1]


You served your purpose. And now your utility is over. I no longer have either the need or the patience to put up with your squalling pretensions of morality. Come here, daughter. Let me throw you over the parapet.

~Vorst to Karya.[1]