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The magical Vortex is the most important and vital creation of the world. It drains magic from the world, maintaining a somewhat unstable equilibrium with the Warp Gates.

It was created during the Battle of the Isle of the Dead in - 4421 IC, by the greatest and wisest High Elf mages under the leadership of Caledor Dragontamer[1][2][3][4]. Centred on the Isle of the Dead, the vortex absorbs the winds of magic collected through a geomantic web of menhirs. The magic is gathered in the Annullii Mountains and then returned to the Realm of Chaos. Without the Vortex the world would be filled with magic, increasing the number of mutations and facilitating the appearance of Daemons.

Its creation was a limited success; some High Elf mages were consumed by the spell and the survivors, including Caledor Dragontamer, are trapped in time.

The Slann have discovered that the Vortex has weakened and in 2497 decided to reinforce it through their magical abilities.[5]