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The emblem of the Vostarg Lodge

The Vostarg Lodge is a Fyreslayer Lodge located beneath the volcanoes of the Cynder Peaks on the sprawling magmahold of Furios Peak. They are among the oldest of the those within the Realm of Aqshy, descended from the legendary Vosforge and the only scions to still bear the name of Vostarg. They have a reputation as brutal mercenaries and fearsome warriors that stretches far beyond the borders of their domain.[1]


The primary fiefdom of the Vostarg is the Cynder Peaks region - an incredibly active volcanic region, perhaps the most in Aqshy. The tallest of these mountains is Furios Peak in which the sprawling, multi-levelled lodge burrows down deep into the earth. Vostargi Mont is another important stronghold on the Flamescar Plateau where access to the valuable Vostargi obsidian is open to all lodges to extract but is administered by the Vostarg. [5b]


They were one of primogenitor lodges- also known as the first-forged and their original magmahold, the Vosforge was within the Salamander's Spine mountain range.[5b]

In the Age of Myth, the lodge pledged to defend the city of Shadespire in the Realm of Shyish, when the city was banished to the void between realms they felt their oath was unfulfilled. Since then hundreds of slayers have ventured into the ruins and sought entry to the hidden city in order to facilitate its return, so far none have succeeded or even returned.[3]

The Vosforge was the last of the the great holds to fall in the Age of Chaos. The runefather at that time, Thorgar-Grimnir was slain by a Bloodthirster before he named a successor and each of his twelve sons claimed the throne, disputing it even as the hordes of Chaos gathered for a new assault on the hold. In desperation, the Runemaster gave each son a equal share of the vast ur-gold hoard and they dispersed across the lands. The eldest son, Bromhulf stayed with a brave few slayers to defend the hold and was killed in its fall. [5b]

Only one son, Zhafor retained the Vostarg name and he later is named as the father of victories and it is said that he learnt at the side of Grinmir himself, even though the god was long dead by this point in the Age of Chaos. The fyreslayers wondered across the Realm, fighting and gathering ur-gold before they came upon Cynder Peak whose volcanoes they discovered vented forth much of the precious ur-gold. Here Runefather Urgom-Grimnir established their new lodge. [5b]

As they grew in power they fought alongside the Ironbark Glade Sylvaneth against the followers of Khorne, destroying their enemies at the Bladewood Gate. When the Fyrdhand Lodge succumbed en masse to the Glimmerlust, the Vostarg lead twelve other lodges against them, when they finally defeat them, their Runefather is buried alive under molten slag for his crimes. [5b]

In the Age of Sigmar, The Chaos warlord, Agtor Bruul besieges Furios Peak with his great horde before being lured in to an ambush by Bael-Grimnir and slain. [5b]

At the beginning of the Realmgate Wars, many Skaven under the command of Gnawmaster Rikfang of Clan Rictus invaded the lodge to claim captives to sacrifice to his patron Verminlord Kratterklaw. Although the chittering horde manage to steal the son of Runefather Bael-Grimnir, he and his outraged fyreslayers quickly pursued them and took brutal vengeance. Rikfang escaped - leaving Warlord Driptail to face the wrath of the father in search of a lost son. [2]

As they took stock and released those captives that remained, the Hammers of Sigmar, Stormcast Eternals arrived and were confronted by a mass of angry fyreslayers. Despite the potential for violence, the two forces met and eventually agreed a brief alliance over a flask Magmalt ale - the Fyreslayers would lead the Stormcast to the Bloodkeep and even burn a path into that brazen stronghold from beneath.[2]

Beneath the mountains of Greatiron Tor, the fyrelayers lead the Stormcast to Bloodkeep and a brutal battle with the daemons of Khorne and the infamous Bloodthirster Skarbrand himself. The Brass Chain the Stormcast seek is not claimed and consequently Bael refuses to take payment with his oath not yet fulfilled. [5b]

Following the Necroquake, which the Vostarg call Uzkull-Krunken[5a], Bael looks towards reclaiming the lost Vosforge magamahold and avenging the oldest grudge of the Lodge. [5b] Word reaches him that Orruks are massing to attack the outpost of Brynhold and he personally leads a relief force, aided at the climax of the battle by Maerilla, Magister-Supreme of the city of Vandium a freeguild battalion. Impressed by her and her soldiers, he forms an alliance with the city, providing warriors for gold. [5a]



  • The Vosguard: The personal guard of Bael-Grimnir is known as the Vosguard and is the most formidable Hearthguard formation in the Lodge. Many of the sons of the Runefather have made their names serving in the guard, demonstrating their skills and prowess. [5b]


The Lodge has gathered more ur-gold than any other lodge and its aggression in doing so and in battle has gained them a fearsome reputation. They have sold their services as mercenaries to a great variety of employers, even the followers of the dark gods of Chaos! Within fyreslayer society they are regarded as All-fathers - being both the largest lodge and having established a huge number of new offshoot lodges across the Realm of Aqshy and into others. When lodges gather together in coalition, it is often the Vostarg that takes the leadership role. [5b]

Vassel Lodges

There are many other lodges founded by Runeson's that still serve as vassels in exchange for ur-gold. These include: [5b]


Because I am of the Vostarg Lodge, and I swore an oath. That it is hopeless matters not. Indeed, the oath which cannot be fulfilled burns twice as strong. I must do this thing, or die in the attempt. And if I do not die, then I must continue to try. Even unto the falling of the last star. I know your kind don't understand such things, but my word is fyresteel. I will break before it does.

~Khord to Seguin Reynar.[4a]

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