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Battlesmiths are artisans of the Fyreslayers renowned enough to be trusted with the honour of forging and carrying the standard of their lodge. The battlesmiths are not only fearsome warriors, but also chroniclers and the living memory of the fyreslayers, remembering and reciting the histories of the lodge, inspiring nearby Fyreslayers with tales of war and victories.[6][7]

They carry the Icon of Grimnir, a sacred image of their grim-faced god, Grimnir, that they use to inspire fellow fyreslayers. They are prodigiously skilled with Fyresteel Throwing Axes and, if an enemy gets to close, the Ancestral Battle-axe.[6][7]

Vulkite Berzerker

Vulkite Berzerkers are Fyreslayer Duardin that are the foot troops of the Lodges.[4] Their forge-tanned, muscular bodies honed through a lifetime of combat, are wrought with Ur-Gold runes, boosting their famous strength and resilience with the essence of their god Grimnir.[3][4][5] They can enter a berserk state that allows them to shrug off wounds that would slay other warriors, fighting as if death was a minor inconvenience.[1] They are famous across the Mortal Realms for their prowess and fearlessness in battle, regardless of the size of their enemies, which rightly fear them. They stubbornly cling to martial pride and are born from a foundation of ancient tradition and dedicate their lives to the art of war.[2][5]

They can wield Fyresteel Handaxes, Fyresteel War-picks and a Bladed Slingshields. Some carry Fyresteel Throwing Axes on their belts. Those wielding pairs of Handaxes can easily turn aside an enemy's defence and then deliver a flurry of blows. Those that wield Bladed Slingshields can throw these razor-sharp shields at their enemies. Like their god they wield little armor into battle and dye their hairs bright orange. Some carry tine golden keys. Besides their flesh the ur-gold runes can also be embossed on tabards and weapons.[3][5]


Karls are the champions and leaders, wielding ornate weapons and helms into battle.[1][2] They are stronger than other Vulkite Berzerkers.[3]

Horns of Grimnir

Some of these Berzerkers carry into battle the Horns of Grimnir. The sonorous call is said to be the booming voice of their god, and when blown the Ur-Gold runes hammered into the flesh of the Fyreslayers glow brighter as the spirit within stirs.[2]