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Waaagh! magic is Magic generated by Greenskins and is a potent force barely understood by themselves, lot alone other races.[1a]

Unlike many races, greenskins do not really distinguish between religion and magic and don’t question why or how their gods provide such power but rather merely enjoy the carnage. [6a]

Greenskin magic is normally divided into two sorts of magic known as the Little Waaagh! and the Big Waaagh!. [6b]

  • The spells of the Little Waaagh! is used by Goblin (and some Hobgoblin) Shamans [6b] being mostly spiteful tricks and hexes and which boost the confidence of the casters if and as their spells work. [6c]
  • In contrast spells of the Big Waaagh! act as conduits for huge amounts of Waaagh! energy, emboldening nearby Orcs, Goblins, and Hobgoblins with its release. [6f]


Unlike the powers of men or Elves, Greenskins draw their abilities from the inner psyche of their racial mind, the Great Green.[3a] This energy rises into great storms, absorbing the local Winds of Magic and deadening the witch-sight of other mages. When it breaks, it can drown entire regions before fading away to mere whisps of potential.[1a]


Orc and Goblin shamans are blessed by Gork or possibly Mork who can (usually) focus the power casting spells as brutal and cunning as their Gods allowing beams of crackling green energy or mighty feet and fists to destroy enemies. However these Shamans are also usually unhinged, prone to dancing, talking to the unseen or slipping into trances but this also tends to impress the other Greenskins.[1a] Other shamans are given their abilities through communion with the Spider-god.[5b]

In particular the Forest Goblin Shamans commune with the Feaster from Beyond, casting their magic with a specific hairy, eight-legged flavour. As Spiders crawl across their bodies, bites induce mystical trances with the Purple Skullback being especially potent and granting vivid visions of the Feaster’s realm of cobwebs. [6b]

Very occasionally Snotling Shamans display minor magical abilities which are boosted by the presence of others but if they fail to control the magic - all the other nearby snotlings also have their heads explode! Orcs and Goblins find this hugely amusing and encourage this to happen. [7b]

Shamans are usually encouraged to live on the outskirts of greenskin settlements with food being brought to them. [7a]


The Orcs and Goblins raise great idols to their gods which mark their territory and their home base. They are made from a great variety of materials - some are piles of rocks with wooden masks, others wattle-and-daub frames piled high with reeking dung, and others are defaced statues of Human heroes or Dwarf ancestors. All of the idols are extremely rough and crude and depict a titanic Orc, belligerent and mighty. Rarely a Idol of Gork or Mork can become so infused with Waaagh! energy that it becomes animate and rampages around as a Rogue Idol. [6g]

Known Spells

  • Ard as Nails: A nearby greenskin is imbued with Waaagh! energy, causing them to grow increasingly belligerent and resilient. [6f]
  • Bad Moon Rizin': A vast pale moon rises to terrify the enemy.[1b]
  • Bash 'em Lads: Nearby allies are filled with fighting fervour. [6f]
  • Behave: Snarling at a Giant Wolf, Squig, Spider (any size) or a Snotling makes them act like a well-trained dog. [6d]
  • Brainburster: The Shaman glowers at his enemy and assaults it with force that can melt their brain. [6f]
  • Clubba: The mighty green club forms in the hand of the shaman. [8]
  • Cunning Words: Mork allows the caster to speak to another, whatever language they speak. [6d]
  • Curse of the Da Bad Moon: A horrifying moon with a leering goblinoid face is summoned cursing enemies in the area. [6d]
  • Eadbutt: A force of malign green energy assails the enemy. [6f]
  • Ere We Go!: A simple chant that is enthusiastically taken up by their mates boosting their speed as they charge the enemy.[1b][6f]
  • Evil Sun: A burning core of energy with great tusks and a leering face is conjured to attack the enemy. [6f]
  • Evil Sun Shinin': Boost the morale of nearby greenskins.[1b]
  • Fire of Gork: Bolts of green fire shoot from the Shamans nose. [8]
  • Fist of Gork (or Mork): A great green fist appears and smashes the enemy of the Shaman.[1a][6f]
  • Foot of Gork (or Mork): A massive green foot stomps down on the battlefield.[1b][6g]
  • Fooled Ya!: The shaman vanishes in a green mist. [8]
  • Gaze of Mork: A great beam of energy bursts from the Shaman’s eyes, hitting all in its path. [6g]
  • Gift of the Spider God: This prayer to the Feaster from Beyond beseeches it for aid, and in return some of its power is channelled through the shaman to bestow poisonous attacks to allies nearby.[5b][6d]
  • Gork'll Fix It: A nearby enemy is cursed in the name of Gork as the Shaman points a bony finger at them. [6d]
  • Great Green Spite: The Shaman boosts the nearby Goblins by manifesting their accumulated spite. [6d]
  • Hand of Mork (or Gork): A vast green hand flicks a chosen Boss or Shaman across the battlefield.[1b][6g]
  • Itchy Nuisance: The Shaman curses its enemy with nasty curses of poor hygiene and fungal mites. [6d]
  • Led'z go: The howling of the Shaman invigorates the boyz to fight harder for Gork and Mork. [8]
  • Mork Save Us!: The Shaman calls upon the god to protect his allies. [6g]
  • Mork Wants Ya!: A vast green hand descends from the heavens to grab an enemy and, if they do not break free, drop them from a great height! [6d]
  • Night Shroud: A cloud of pitch black darkness is formed when the Shaman tosses a black-capped nightshade mushroom into the air. [6e]
  • Nikkit: Green hands are conjured which can be used to pick pocket those nearby. [6e]
  • Oi! Gerroff: An enemy is pushed away by a huge green ectoplasmic hand. [8]
  • Sneaky Stabbin': The allies of the Shaman are empowered to find the weak spot of enemies. [6e]
  • Vindictive Glare: The fixed stare of the Shaman withers their enemy.[1b][6e]
  • Waaagh!: Magical energy emanates from the Shaman to boost all nearby enemies. [6g]
  • Zzap!: A bolt of green energy errupts from the forehead of the Shaman to overload the brain of an enemy. [8]

Waaagh! Magic Artefacts

  • Copper Staff: The more cunning and cautious Shamans have found that copper is able to discharge excess Waaagh! energy. [6c]
  • Dangly Wotnotz: Both Orc and Goblin Shamans wear bangles and pendants heavy with bones, teeth, and petty fetishes which are imbued with Waaagh! power. [6c]
  • Effigy of Mork: Created from dried and enchanted Orc dung, a Effigy of Mork grants a Shaman an insight how to avoid the blows of his enemies. [6c]
  • Effigy of Gork: Unlike that effigy of Mork, the Effigy of Gork instead provides insights into how to inflict harm. [6c]
  • Glowy Green Amulet: A small and unobtrusive amulet which glows with green power when the wearer is made the target of a hostile spell, helping them resist the enemies magic - unless it explodes of course. [6c]
  • Shaman Staff: A staff adorned with all manner of gruesome trophies and shiny trinkets which attracts Waaagh! energy. [6c]



The sun is out and there's an enemy over there - it's a great day for a battle! Ave at it Boyz.

~ Evil Sun Shinin'.[1b]


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