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Wanderers once fought for the Realm of Ghyran, now these warriors of the wilderness fight to return life to the Mortal Realms.[1]


The wanderer kings were defenders of the goddess Alarielle and her children and dwelt in great canopy-cities deep within continent-sized forests in Ghyran but were forced flee to Azyr during the Age of Chaos. They remain true to their heritage, weaving spells of everoak and bitterthorn and they can move like shadows through the forests of the realms. Yet they still remain estranged from the goddess they abandoned. [1][2a]

But the Wanderers continue to fight and cherish the magic of life. They follow the light of Sigendil seeking the broken trails of ancient ley lines and restore them with waystones, strange arcane artefacts created during the formation of the Mortal Realms to soothe the tormented wilds and erase the taint of Chaos from the earth.[2a]


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Ayaela Wanderers High Sister Aelf One of the defenders of the Living City
Ferasaen Wanderers Nomad Prince Aelf He has returned to the Living City in the Realm of Ghyran as a penitent figure, seeking the forgiveness of Alarielle.
Gallanglaen Wanderers Waywatcher Aelf A hunter and mercenary often to be found in the city of Izalend where he tends a shrine to the goddess Alarielle in an old church.
Maesa Wanderers Nomad Prince Aelf This prince has been lured into the cursed city of Shadespire by the promise of the secret of cheating death and seeks the Katophrane Thanaton.


Image Unit Faction Grand
Eternal Guard M01.jpg
Eternal Guard Wanderers Order Warscroll
Glade Guard M01.jpg
Glade Guard Wanderers Order Warscroll
Nomad Prince M01.jpg
Nomad Prince Wanderers Order Warscroll
Sister of the Thorn M01.jpg
Sister of the Thorn Wanderers Order Warscroll
Sister of Avelorn M01.jpeg
Sister of the Watch Wanderers Order Warscroll
Spellweaver M01.jpeg
Spellweaver Wanderers Order Warscroll
Glade Lord M01.jpg
Wayfinder Wanderers Order Warscroll
Glade Lord M02.jpg
Waystrider Wanderers Order Warscroll
Waywatcher M02.jpg
Waywatcher Wanderers Order Warscroll
Wild Rider M01.jpg
Wild Rider Wanderers Order Warscroll
Wildwood Ranger M01.jpg
Wildwood Ranger Wanderers Order Warscroll

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