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The War against Nagash took place in the Time of Legends and saw the might of the city states of Nehekhara fight against Nagash[1]


  • -1959 IC:
    • Nagash seals his brother Thutep inside their father's tomb and claims the throne of Khemri for himself. [1l]
  • -1950 IC:
    • Nagash forbids Neferem to join her husband in death, threatening the Covenant with the Gods. [1n]
    • The army of Khemri slip into the harbour of Zandri aboard cargo haulers and spend the next three days sacking the city before marching on King Nekumet's forces. [1o] They in turn are soundly defeated and enslaved, with Nekumet sent home in disgrace. [1s]
    • The construction of the Black Pyramid is begun. [1s]
    • Angered by a visit by Lamasheptra and Neferem's continued defiance, Nagash secretly sacrifices her son and then offers her the chance to end life as she knows it, which she accepts. [1t]
  • -1750 IC:
    • The Black Pyramid is completed and Nagash prepares to use it wipe out the priesthood. [1w]
    • Khefru, horrified by the plan helps a group of priests try to assassinate Nagash but the attempt fails. [1w]
    • Nagash slaughters all the priests in Khemri, then drains the lifeforce of Neferem, although the Conenant prevents her from completely dying. [1w]
    • Battle of Oasis of Zedri: Nagash uses Neferem to defeat the priests of the gods and Akhmen-Hotep. [1a][1b]
    • Battle at the Gates of the Dawn: King Rakh-amn-hotep and King Hekhmenukep defeat King Nemuhareb and take Quatar. [1c]
    • Arkhan the Black captures Bhagar. [1c] and sacrifices first their sacred horses and then the nobility, enslaving all who have not fled. [1f]
    • Nagash summons the kings of Numas and Zandri to Khemri and orders them to rebuild their armies. When they ask for time, [1e] he uses the sacrificed souls from Bhagar to summon a red rain that falls on Quatar and brings plague to all within. [1f]
    • Great sandstorms sweep across central Nehekhara at the behest of the Hieratic Council of Mahrak, making travel almost impossible. [1g]
  • -1744 IC:
    • Nebunefer travels to Ka-Sabar and persuades Akhmen-Hotep to use his partially re-built army to attack Bel Aliad and draw away forces allowing a new campaign by Rakh-amn-hotep and Hekhmenukep. [1g]
    • The Bronze Host are guided through the Great Desert by survivors of Bhagar [1h] resulting in the Battle of the Spice Road and the occupation of Bel Aliad. [1i]
    • King Rakh-amn-hotep defeats a larger army at the Battle at the Springs of Eternal Life, but is confronted by second greater force and must retreat. [1j]
    • The dead at Bel Aliad rise and turn the city population into a horde of undead, Akhmen-Hotep is forced to retreat into the Great Desert. [1k]
    • Rakh-amn-hotep and Hekhmenukep defeat the forces of Nagash at the 2nd Battle at the Springs of Eternal Life only to discover that he has defiled and poisoned the sacred waters with hundreds of rotting corpses. [1m] They retreat again to Quatar [1m] but most of the combined army is lost. [1q]
    • Memnet kills his king, Akhmen-Hotep and is given command of the dead of Bel Aliad. [1p]
    • Nagash sends his immortals to raise the dead of Quatar - 30,000 skeletons crawl out of the tombs to attack the population. [1r] Arkhan the Black sits upon the Ivory Throne and Raamket skins Nemuhareb and his family alive, the still living hide of the king stretched across a standard. [1u]
    • The Lybarans collapse the Gates of the Dawn allowing the allied army time to escape towards Mahrak.[1v]
    • The remnants of the armies of Lybaras and Rasetra continue their retreat to their home cities and Nagash besieges Mahrak. The initial attacks are repelled by the divine wards of the city and a number of Sphinx. [1x]
    • For the next four years, Nagsh uses all his mundane resources and magic to try and breach the city but fails until the energies of the Black Pyramid drop very low and the tombs of Khemri, Numas and Zandri are emptied of the dead. [1y]
  • -1740 IC
    • Hekhmenukep and Rakh-amn-hotep gather every man they can and assemble in the hills to the south-east of Mahrak. [1z]
    • Lamashizzar arrives at Mahrak with a large army and meets with Nagash. [1aa]
    • Hekhmenukep and Rakh-amn-hotep launch an attack to relieve the city but are countered by Numasi cavalry. [1aa]
    • Nagash forces Neferem through the wards and she shatters them but turns to ash, destroying the Covenant, the Sphinxes turn to smoke and blow away.[1aa]
    • Nagash breaks through the city walls, killing all in his path. [1aa]
    • The Kings of Numas order their cavalry to charge the dead, switching sides. [1aa]
    • Nagash arrives at the Palace of the Gods and awakens the dead of Mahrak. [1aa]
    • Lamashizzar joins the battle against Nagash, his Dragon-men shattering the enemy regiments with their dragon-staves and killing Nagash himself. [1aa]
    • Surviving Immortals fight free of the armies of the living but have to sacrifice the majority of the dead warriors to do so.[1ab]
    • The dead fight a holding action at the Gates of the Dawn, but are destroyed after 3 days of fighting. [1ab]
    • Raamket briefly rules Khemri but then flees as the allied armies approach. [1ab]
    • Skeletons ambush allied patrols in the Necropolis of Khemri leading to hard fighting to clear them out, the living then destroy remaining resistance around the Black Pyramid. [1ab] Breaking into the central chamber they seek to finish Nagash, but a cloud of insects fly free from the sarcophagus, leaving it empty. [1ac]
    • Rakh-amn-hotep marches to liberate Ka-Sabar, Hekhmenukep returns to Quatar. [1ac]
  • -1200 IC
  • Alcadizzar builds a strong alliance of cities but as decades pass, more and more discontent brews at the cost of the preperations. He also improves the infrastructure, education and founds a collegium of Magic in Khemri. Ka-Sabar forges enchanted weapons and armour for the conflict to come. [2b]
  • -1165 IC
    • Lord Rahotep establishs diplomatic contact with the Dwarfs who offer to teach some secrets of metal-working. [2b]
    • Nagash sends Arkhan and W'soran with a army embarked on a vast fleet on bone ships to invade Nehekhara. [2c]
    • The fleet of bone docks in Lahmia and moves west. [2d]
    • Three weeks later, a large Nehekharan army confronts the dead at the Battle on the Lybaras Road and although defeated it retreats in good order, inflicting heavy losses on the undead, disquieting Arkhan. [2d]
    • Four of W'soran's thralls are dispatched with a portion of the army to besiege Lybaras and Rasetra. [2e]
    • The undead advance on Mahrak which has not been evacuated as had been planned, the city holds out for two days before it falls, over the next three days every living thing is slain. [2f]
    • Confronted by substantial fortifications at the Gates of the Dusk, the undead find it deserted. [2g]
    • Alcadizzar and the armies of the west travel by river to specially built docks in the Brittle Peaks. They re-supply and march for the Gates of the Dawn. [2g]
    • Traversing the Valley of kings, the undead reach the Gates of the Dawn and find it heavily fortified - with three mighty basalt walls, each taller than the previous. [2g]
    • The first wall falls after two days and the second is finally overwhelmed after another five days, but the third is too high and thick to be so easily breached. Three days later, six Bone Giants attack carrying a fifteen foot long sandstone column whilst thousands of flying tomb beetles attack the defenders atop the wall. [2g]

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