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The Lexicanum is an attempt to collect "canon/official" Warhammer fantasy background information. In other words: genuine stuff = something which "actually appears/happened" in the Warhammer fantasy universe.

However the background material is continually, if slowly, evolving. New armybooks are published and sometimes the background material is changed and re-written along different lines (this is usually called a retcon).

This creates contradictions and mistakes: one source says one thing, while another source says something different. Sometimes authors write novels which completely contradict each other or information contained in other sources. Some features are simply removed altogether, never appearing again (e.g.: Gnomes, Malal, Fimir). Sometimes they are hinted at but in an extremely reduced fashion.

Older (outdated) material can and should be mentioned and explained in the respective "Notes & sources" section of an article.

One can write an article about a former feature.

Resource list of descending importance (sources "above" win over sources "below", newer books usually win over older ones)

  1. Rulebooks
  2. Army Books;
  3. Background books
  4. Games Workshop website
  5. Role-playing material published by Games Workshop, Hogshead, Green Ronin, and Fantasy Flight Games
  6. White Dwarf Magazine
  7. Black Library Novel
  8. GW licensed Comics and Graphic Novels
  9. GW licensed computer games based in the Warhammer universe
  10. Collectable Card games licensed by GW.
  11. Cardboard games