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Below is a list of templates that are used on Lexicanum to help standardize articles and make editing easier. For more information on the style of formatting used on Lexicanum, see General Formatting.

  • Stub - Template to mark an article as a stub that needs to be expanded.
  • Incomplete - Template to mark an article as incomplete, used when article is too large to be a stub.
  • Inappropriate Tone - Template to mark an article which is written in an inappropiate tone and needs massive work.
  • Citations - Template to mark articles with insufficient citation.
  • No Fan Fluff - Template for pages that seem to be made up of Fan fiction
  • Image Needed - Template for pages that link to a non existant image or that should have an image
  • Delete - Request for deletion of a file or image
  • Problems - Request for a user to adhere to the site guidelines
  • Block - Request for to block a user or IP
  • Translate - Request for an article to be translated
  • Copyright - Form for image copyright
  • Portal - Template for creating a Portal.
  • How to source - Request for a user to add sources