Warhammer Armies: Bretonnia (5th Edition)

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Warhammer Armies: Bretonnia
Bretonnia 5 Cover.jpg
Author(s) Nigel Stillman
Cover Artist David Gallagher
Illustrator(s) John Blanche, David Gallagher, Des Hanley, Paul Smith, Wayne England, Mark Gibbons, Toby Hynes & John Wigley
Released 1996
Pages 96
ISBN 1-8723272-45-7
Followed by Warhammer Armies: Bretonnia (6th Edition)

Warhammer Armies: Bretonnia (5th Edition) is an out of print army book for Warhammer Fantasy. It includes some minor differences in rules and units from the current edition, as well as a much longer list of unique characters.


The Land of Bretonnia

Descriptions of locations and regions in Bretonnia, including a black and white map

The History of Bretonnia

Narrative history of Bretonnia

Bretonnian Heraldry

Basic description of heraldry (fields, blazons,...) and colour showcase of models including sections on transfers and pennants

A Chronicle of Bretonnia

Chronological history of events

Bretonnian Chivalry

Descriptions of units, including the Origins of Knighthood, Code of Chivalry, and Tournaments

The Bestiary

Special Rules

  • 12 Knightly Virtues
  • The Lady of the Lake
  • The Lance and the Arrowhead

The Bretonnian Army

Full army list of Characters, Knights, Commoners, and Monsters

Special Characters

  • Bertrand the Brigand and the Bowmen of Bergerac

Bretonnian Tactics

Description of strategies for the tabletop

Sample Army

The Army of the Duc de Brionne (2000 points)

Collecting Your Army

Showcase of products and ideas for collecting models, and a blank roster sheet for reproduction

Planning Your Heraldry

Blank designs of caparisons for reproduction