Warhammer Armies: High Elves (5th Edition)

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Warhammer Armies High Elves
High Elves 5 Cover.jpg
Author(s) Andy Chambers, Bill King, Jes Goodwin
Cover Artist Geoff Taylor
Illustrator(s) John Blanche, David Gallagher, Des Hanley, Paul Smith, Wayne England, Mark Gibbons, Toby Hynes, John Wigley, Richard Wright
Released 1997
Pages 112
ISBN 1 872372 21X
Preceded by Warhammer Armies: High Elves (4th Edition)
Followed by Warhammer Armies: High Elves (6th Edition)

Warhammer Armies High Elves contains the rules and background for the High Elves in the 5th edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

Table of Contents

The High Elves

Introductory history of High Elf society

The Kingdoms of Ulthuan

Descriptions of the 10 provinces and other locations in Ulthuan, including black and white maps (there is also a full colour map on the inside back cover)

The Chronicle of the Phoenix Kings

Chronological history of each Phoenix King, from Aenarion, the Defender, to Finubar, the Seafarer

High Elf Runes

Description of 29 runes from the ancient runescript of the High Elves

High Elf Armies

Colour showcase of models, including sections on painting armour, shields and banners, and gemstones

Special Rules

Descriptions of rules for this army, including Elven Enmity, Citizen Levy, and Dragons of Caledor

High Elf Bestiary

The High Elf Army

Full points and rules list of Characters, Knights, Commoners, and Monsters


  • Elven Lord General
  • Battle Standard
  • Heroes
  • Champions
  • Mages


War Machines

  • Repeater Bolt Throwers
  • Tiranoc Chariots


Special Characters

High Elf Tactics

Description of strategies for the tabletop

Sample Army

The Army of Lord Moranion (2000 points)

Collecting Your Army

Showcase of products and ideas for collecting models, and a blank roster sheet for reproduction