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The Warherds are nomadic and supremely destructive warriors driven by animal fury and an insatiable hunger for blood and flesh. Led by towering Doombulls and bound by the monstrous bloodgreed that burns through their bodies, Warherds smash everything in their way. Any who stand against a Warherd are torn to shreds and consumed to satisfy the endless thirst of the Bullgor warriors.[1]

The Warherds are believed to be related in some way to the Gors of the Brayherds. Without a doubt the two factions share physical similarities and often fight alongside one another, though many champions of Chaos choose to use Warherds as their vanguard. The Doombull leaders of these tribes often lead charging forces into battle, and are easily paid in the corpses of their enemies to devour. Luckily for the inhabitants of the Mortal Realms the Warherds are largely nomadic and are not driven by any true strategy - were they to unite behind a single goal, it would spell terrible destruction upon all the Realms.[1]

Notable Warherds

The Bloodscorch Bulltribe were a Warherd dedicated to Khorne who dwelled in Aqshy, the Realm of Fire. They had claimed the Tauroi Archipelago as their hunting grounds, preying upon the Devoted of Sigmar tribes that dwelt there until being pushed back by the Tempest Lords Stormhost.[2]


Image Unit Faction Grand
Bullgor M01.jpg
Bullgor Warherds Chaos Warscroll
Cygor M01.jpg
Cygor Warherds Chaos Warscroll
Doombull M01.jpeg
Doombull Warherds Chaos Warscroll
Ghorgon M02.jpg
Ghorgon Warherds Chaos Warscroll

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