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A Warp-Grinder is a skaven Clan Skryre warmachine used to accompany regiments as a Weapon Team. [1a]

Clan Skrye uses many machines, small, large and vast to tunnel through rock and earth, the Warp-Grinder is a man-portable vesion of these machines which is on occassion deplyed on (or actually under) the battlefield. It is able to quickly blast through rock, using is warp-energy projectors and enabling skaven regiments to arrive unexpectedly in the midst of the enemy or behind their lines. Unfortunately they and the grinder and its crew can also be burried alive in collpasing tunnels or melted by a catastrophic malfunction ro simply be lost.... [1a]

It is not designed to be used in combat but desperate crews can unleash its power on enemies with short ranged warp-powered blasts of energy. [1a]