Warpfire Thrower

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Warpfire Thrower

Warpfire Throwers are Clan Skryre Skaven flamethrower weapons which unleash a deadly mixture of warpstone and highly volatile chemicals, which emerges from the barrel as a gout of unnatural flame. The concoction is particularly hellish and insidious, as creatures who manage to survive contact with the mixture are still subject to its warping effects. Creatures coming in contact with the flame begin to bodily break down, meanwhile sprouting all forms of insane mutations. To the delight of the Chaos gods, the victim is quickly driven insane by the agony and mental trauma, before finally decomposing completely.[1]

The Warpfire Thrower is operated by a team of two Skaven. One of the crew members carries a canister filled with the volatile fuel for the machine, while the other manipulates a nozzle to fire and aim the weapon.[4] Like other Skaven devices, is highly unstable and liable to disastrous malfunctions.[2][3]