Warrior Priest (novel)

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Warrior Priest
Author(s) Darius Hinks
Released 2010
ISBN 978-1844168651
Preceded by Grimblades
Followed by Call to Arms

Warrior Priest is the fifth novel in Black Library's series focusing on the armies of The Empire. It was written by Darrius Hinks and published in 2010, and re-published as part of the omnibus The Empire.

Warrior Priest received the 2011 David Gemmell Morningstar Award (for best debut novel in the fantasy genre).

Cover Description

Warrior Priests are the holy crusaders of the Empire, crushing daemons, witches and heretics alike with righteous fury. These bold men wield death and damnation, with warhammers held high and the word of Sigmar on their lips. They provide the final bastion against the forces of darkness that would run rampant and forever turn the hearts of men. Jakob Wolff is one such warrior, and sets out to track down his brother, whose soul has been tainted by the Ruinous Powers. Family must be put to one side as he battles to prevent the Empire from sinking into Chaos, with only his strength of arms and the purity of his beliefs to call upon.