Warrior Priests of Myrmidia

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Warrior Priestess of Myrmidia

Warrior Priests of Myrmidia are members of the Cult of Myrmidia who worship the Goddess Myrmidia. [1]


Warrior Priests of Myrmidia fought in the Great War against Chaos and at the Siege of Altdorf. [1a]


As might be expected of a warrior goddess, her fighting (and most of her other) priests are skilled fighters from whom the very act of battle is a prayer to their deity. They practice and perfect techniques, skills, tactics and strategies. Mastering the art of battle is doen both for its own sake and to glorify Myrmidia and her followers of Myrmidia are obsessively dedicated to the physical and mental skills that underlie all combat. Death, should it occur is not failure but simply their final ledge to the goddess. [1b]

Priests of Myrmidia aspire to have the discipline to keep their emotions in check during combat as anger or passion in a fight is an exploitable weakness. Consequnetly they often have a reputation for being aloof, dispassionate, or even cold-blooded. However followers also impeccably observe the established conventions of warfare, such as accepting the surrender of a ohnourable foe and humanely treating prisoners of war in a civil conflict. Abusing these strictures is a grave crime that can lead to dismissal from the order. [1b]

As the the symbol of the cult is the shield and the spear, the goddess's favourite weapons many follow her lead but some Myrmidians are equally skilled with a sword, seeing a well-forged blade as a noble weapon worthy of their dedication and mastery. [1b]