Weezil Gutgnaw

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Weezil Gutgnaw is the senior Skaven of Clan Skurvy in Skabreach. [1a]

A brown furred ratman clad in outlandishly coloured vest and breeches, he is invariably accompanied by a pair of hulking Black Skaven with more cutlass wielding killers lurking nearby. He runs the small cavern-harbour at Skabreach, happy to auction places on any of his clans barge-scows. He wears a warpstone earing that he tugs upon as a signal to his bodyguards if he feels he is in danger. [1a]


He was paid by the Grey Seer Thanquol to gain passage for him from Skabreech to Skavenblight, but delayed on the order of the local Warlord, Ibkikk Snatchclaw. When the angry Seer confronted him at the docks, the warlord also arrived and was killed by Thanquol's magic who then demanded passage on a newly arrived barge-scow. Knowing that the captain, Lynsh Blacktail killed or enslaved his passengers, Weezil wished the Seer safe passages from behind the safety of a dockside barrel. [1a]


Calamitious lord! Please.... listen-hear.... it it not my fault! Warlord Ibkikk say-order make-keep you here-here!

~Weezil Gutgnaw .[1a]