White Dwarf 226 (UK)

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White Dwarf 226
Released October 1998
Preceded by White Dwarf 225
Followed by White Dwarf 227


  • Dogs of War - More Regiments of Renown for hire.
  • Skeleton Warriors - You've seen the Chaos Warriors and the soldiers of the Empire, now you can really raise an army, with the new Skeleton Warriors Warhammer regiment!
  • Collecting an undead army - We talk you through collecting an Undead army from the ground up!
  • How to paint Skeleton Warriors - A step-by-step guide to painting skeletons.
  • Dem bones - You'll be amazed how many different things you can use skeletons for...
  • Mordheim - This month Tuomas has not just one but three Mordheim scenarios for you to fight, the Skirmish, Street Fight and Treasure Hunt.
  • Changing forts - After last month's article about his Lizardmen fortress, Nick Davis talks about what you can achieve with the new Warhammer fortress.
  • The battle of Ironaxe Bridge - Are you strapped for space in which to play your games of Warhammer? Mike Walker shows how you can get a great game out of a small battlefield.

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