White Dwarf 228 (UK)

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White Dwarf 228
White Dwarf 228 cover.jpg
Blood Angels
Cover Artist David Gallagher
Released December 1998
Preceded by White Dwarf 227
Followed by White Dwarf 229

White Dwarf Issue 228


  • Games Workshop News, pg. 2
  • Blood Angels Codex, pg. 7
  • Angels ofDeath, pg. 8
  • Baal Predator, pg. 15
  • Frontal Assault on Shunta's Peaks, pg. 20
  • Dogs of War - Lorenzo Lupo, Voland's Venators, Pirazzo's Lost Legion and Vespero's Vendetta. Sounds like a right bunch of ruffians to me... pg. 43
  • Mordheim - Here's Tuomas with a new Mordheim warband for you to collect, the gold-hungry Dwarfs. pg. 50
  • Born in the USA, pg. 56
  • Dark Raiders, pg. 59
  • It's all in the mind - Dave Cain, former Grand Tournament winner, settles down on the couch and talks about how to use the psychology of your troops to your best advantage. Now, David, tell me about your childhood... pg. 68
  • Mailbox, pg. 74
  • Siegeworks II - Tuomas Pirinen introduces something to help you storm those impregnable fortresses - Siege Towers. pg. 77
  • Games Workshop Stores, pg. 82
  • Grand Tournament, pg. 90
  • Nottingham HQ, pg. 92
  • Chapter Approved, pg. 95
  • A battle of beards - We've been working Dave Cain hard this month! Now he takes part in a particularly vicious battle of impenetrable army lists and shocking magic item combinations, for this highly entertaining, tournament-style battle report. Not for the faint-hearted! pg. 101
  • Mail Order, pg. 117

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