White Dwarf 231 (UK)

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White Dwarf 231
Released March 1999
Preceded by White Dwarf 230
Followed by White Dwarf 232


  • Regiments of Renown - You can hire this infamous Hobgoblin warlord or a whole regiment to fight for your army, but beware, Hobgoblins can be really treacherous! (rules for Ghazak Khan and Oglah Khan's Wolfboyz)
  • Putting the ploy back in deployment - Regular contributor Mike Walker gives us his theories on deployment.
  • And time will tell - Timelines aren't just for natural history TV programmes, they can be a great source of ideas for Warhammer games too! Jonathan Green explains.
  • Daemonic metal - Daemon armies are incredibly powerful and great to paint too. Take a look at Tony Down's for a great example.
  • Realm of chaos - New command groups to add to your Nurgle and Slaanesh Chaos armies.
  • Thistle do nicely - The noble knights of Bretonnia in a Scottish football strip? No wonder they lose so many games...
  • Champions of chaos- Two of the darkest Champions of Chaos are released this month to strike terror into the hearts of your enemies.
  • Men behaving madly - The Warhammer Player's Society got together recently for a weekend of gaming. Here's what went on...

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