White Dwarf 232 (UK)

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White Dwarf 232
White Dwarf 232 cover.jpg
Imperial Battleship
Cover Artist Richard Wright
Released April 1999
Preceded by White Dwarf 231
Followed by White Dwarf 233

White Dwarf Issue 232


  • Games Workshop News, pg. 2
  • Chaos Rhino, pg. 22
  • Best of Fiends, pg. 23
  • Spawn again! - The war drums of the dark continent sound and the Lizardmen march to war! pg. 27
  • Collecting a Lizardmen army - Nick Davis takes a look at how to collect and fight with an army of the scaly ones. pg. 28
  • New spawn - A new spawning of Lizardmen - Oxayotl, Inxi-Huinzi and Tenehuini. Plus you can win a 1,000 point Lizardmen army. pg. 36
  • Jungle fever - The final installment. As Nick recovers from jungle fever, he shows us how to make overgrown hills and collapsed temples. pg. 37
  • Fighting with cold blood - Veteran Warhammer player Mike Walker has fought against and with Lizardmen armies many times. He gives us his views on how to use them. pg. 42
  • Regiments of Renown - White Dwarf continues its series of new Dogs of War regiments, with Tichi-Huichi's Raiders. pg. 46
  • Nottingham HQ Open Day, pg. 50
  • Mailbox, pg. 54
  • There can be only one, pg. 56
  • Games Workshop Stores, pg. 58
  • Chapter Approved, pg. 69
  • Fred or Dead! pg. 77
  • The Citadel Journel, pg. 80
  • Mail Order, pg. 101

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