White Dwarf 233 (UK)

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White Dwarf 233
Released May 1999
Preceded by White Dwarf 232
Followed by White Dwarf 234


  • Regiments of Renown - They're large, loud, smelly and lost. The Giants of Albion - a new Regiment of Renown exclusive to White Dwarf!
  • Like a rat out of hell - Mike Walker's indomitable Dwarf army, Bugman's Ultimate Response Patrol, takes on Gareth Hamilton's dastardly Skaven Clan Rat-Fink, in this month's Warhammer battle report.
  • Elfincourt - A special Warhammer scenario, based on a certain historical battle in France during the year of 1415, involving knights and longbows.
  • The mines of King Zak-Lomok - Spanish Mail Order Troll Lluís Oliva has built an amazing Dwarf mining village. Jordi Ferré from WD Espana finds out just what went into building it.
  • Burn the witch - Witch Hunter General Tuomas Pirinen opens his journal to bring us the grim tale of the Witch Hunters Johann van Hal and Wilhelm Hasburg. (rules for Witch Hunters Regiment of Renown)
  • Bad Moon Rising II - At the end of WD229's Empire vs Night Goblins battle report, Jim Butler and Owen Branham promised a rematch. Jim lets us know what happened.

  • The grudge - Dwarf Lord Gunamar Grudgekeeper attempts to end a centuries old grudge! Will he succeed? Follow his progress in this comic special from the boys at the Black Library. (Script: Gordon Rennie; Art: Mike Perkins; Letters: Fiona Stephenson)

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