White Dwarf 234 (UK)

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White Dwarf 234
Cover Artist Geoff Taylor
Released June 1999
Parallel issue(s) 150px-Flag of Australia.png White Dwarf 234

150px-Flag of USA.png White Dwarf 233
150px-Flag of France.png White Dwarf 62
150px-Flag of Spain.png White Dwarf 50
150px-Flag of Germany.svg.png White Dwarf 42
150px-Flag of Italy.png White Dwarf 4

Preceded by White Dwarf 233
Followed by White Dwarf 235

White Dwarf 234 (July 1999)



  • Vampire Counts - Something dark and sinister stirs in the land of Sylvania - be very afraid...
  • The dawn of the living dead - Now that the Vampire Counts have burst from their tombs, Vampire Lord Tuomas Pirinen explains what exactly has changed for the undead.
  • The Black Coach - One of the most feared and evil sights in the Old World, the Black Coach is a nightmare given form.
  • Creatures of the night - The Vampire Counts have a whole horde of terrifying creatures to command. Alessio Cavatore braves the night to bring us this guide to the dread forces of the Counts.
  • Wings of darkness - Playing with a Vampire Counts army can be difficult. However, when commanded properly, the Undead are a highly effective and terrifying force to face. Alessio Cavatore gives us his thoughts on raising an unstoppable army of the dead.
  • Knights of blood - The Blood Dragons are an age-old order of Vampire knights. Tuomas Pirinen delves into their background and digs up their ancient beginnings in the land of Lahmia.
  • Boxing clever - Fat Bloke explains how the Warhammer regiments and WH40K battle squads are the best thing since sliced bread (with bacon and added lard of course!).
  • Mercenary generals - Fancy taking an Ogre Mercenary General to lead your Dogs of War army? Or perhaps a dispossessed High Elf noble? Exclusive for White Dwarf, new rules by Nigel Stillman.
  • Record Breakers - Nick Davis reports on a record breakingly huge Warhammer battle in sunny Scarborough. Dedication, that's what you need.
  • The quest for blood - The evil forces of the Vampire Counts, commanded by Alessio Cavatore, march forth to battle against the valiant soldiers of the Empire, commanded by Iain Compton. Find out who will win in this clash of mortal enemies...
  • J-files: season four - The recent Warhammer Empires evet, run at Warhammer World, was a great success. Jervis Johnson explains the ins, the outs and the double dealings that took place.

An overview of the contents for Warhammmer 40,000 can be found here.


  • Ad: Dark Eldar Boxed Sets
  • Swift Death - Dark Eldar Tactics
  • Deep Purple - Dark Eldar Tactics
  • Boxing Clever - Multi-Pose Plastic Boxed Sets (Warhammer Regiments & 40K Battle Squads)
  • Burning Rubber - Bike Tactics
  • Company of Ravens - Ravenwing Tactics
  • Master of the Ravenwing's Land Speeder
  • Ad: Rogue Trader Stores
  • Chapter Approved - Space Wolves Update, Grey Knights, Q&A, Putting the Tzap into Tzeentch (Codex Chaos Errata), House Rules
  • Ruined! - Gothic Building Conversions
  • Kruellagh the Vile - Dark Eldar Pirate Lord
  • Ravager - Dark Eldar Tank Hunter
  • Loss of Contact with Vidium - Background: Inquisitor Report
  • Ad: New Releases - Dark Angels (Master of the Ravenwing, Veteran Space Marines)
  • Ad: New Releases - Dark Eldar (Kruellagh the Vile, Ravager)
  • Ad: New Releases - Chaos Space Marine Bike Squad
  • Design Studio

'Eavy Metal

Miniature Catalogue

  • The Kabal of the Broken Soul - Paul Handley's Dark Eldar Army (Conversions)
  • Red Rage - Khorne World Eaters Conversions
  • Hunt for the Fallen - 1999 Rogue Trader Battle Tour Conversions
  • Crimson Fists Space Marines

Additional Information

  • ISSN 0265-8712

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