White Dwarf 238 (UK)

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White Dwarf 238
Released October 1999
Preceded by White Dwarf 237
Followed by White Dwarf 239

White Dwarf 238 (October 1999)



Mordheim - Town Cryer Issue 1:

  • In the Dark - background
  • Aenur the Sword of Twilight - rules for the miniature included with the magazine
  • In the Box - A look at the new Mordheim boxed game
  • Warphunters - collecting Skaven
  • Mordheim Architecture
  • Finest of Men - tactics for Reikland soldiers
  • Painting your warband
  • City of Nightmares - Battle report (Reiklanders vs. Skaven)

An overview of the contents for Warhammmer 40,000 can be found here.


"Vision of Mordheim", art by Geoff Taylor

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