White Dwarf 260 (UK)

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White Dwarf 260
Cover Artist Karl Kopinski
Released August 2001
Preceded by White Dwarf 259
Followed by White Dwarf 261

White Dwarf 260 (August 2001)


Much of the content relates to the then-new world-wide campaign: Dark Shadows.

  • Game Workshop News, pgs. 1-3
    • The White Dwarf Editorial by Paul Sawyer pg. 1
    • Last Chance for Game Day, pg.1
    • The Lord of the Rings Update, pg. 2
    • Realms of Sorcery, pg. 2
    • Grand Tournament: Holland, pg. 3
    • The Tau are coming..., pg. 3
  • New Releases this Issue, pgs. 4-7
  • Dark Shadows: Worldwide Warhammer Campaign (WF), pgs. 8-9
  • The Storm Breaks: the Dark Shadows Warhammer Campaign (WF), pgs. 10-15
  • Index Astartes: First Founding: Bringers of Darkness, The Night Lords Space Marines Chapter (40k) by Phil Kelly, pgs. 16-24
  • 'Eavy Metal Masterclass: Eisenhorn (Inquisitor), pgs. 26-27
  • Arcane Lore: the creation of the Dark Shadows campaign (WF), pgs. 28-31
  • Chapter Approved: Feral Orks (40k) by Space McQuirk, Andy Chambers & Pete Haines, pgs. 34-40
  • Creating Worlds: Inquisitor Campaign Settings part 2 (Inquisitor) by Gav Thorpe, pgs.42-45
  • A Bloody Day at Black Bog: A Warmaster Battle Report (Warmaster) by Phil Kelly, Rick Priestly and Steve Hambrook, pgs. 48-55
  • Witch Hunter: The Trials of Witch Hunter Tyrus (Inquisitor) by Graham McNeill, pgs. 58-59
  • Game Workshop: Stores : Find out what's happening near you!, pgs. 60-63
  • Tech-Priest Tezla (Inquisitor), pgs. 64-65
  • To Kill a Bloodthirster: Mike Walker confronts his daemons (WF) by Mike Walker, pgs. 66-68
  • Daemon Prince: a daemon bound to serve man (Inquisitor) by Graham McNeill, pgs. 70-71
  • Warhammer Chronicles: Presented by Gav Thorpe (WF), pgs. 74-83
  • Exterminatus: Expanded Rules for Inquisitor (Inquisitor) by Gav Thorpe, pgs. 84-85
  • Dark Fantasy: Warhammer roleplaying set in the Old World (WFRP), pgs. 88-91
  • A Weekend Education: the Student National Roleplaying and Wargaming Championships 2001 by Che Webster pgs. 92-93
    • Inquisitive Gamers by Space McQuirk
  • Scenery Workshop: building an Inquisitor battlefield, part 1 (Inquisitor) by Paul Rudge, pgs. 94-97
  • Index Astartes: The Cursed Founding: an investigation into a mysterious Space Marine founding by Graham McNeill (40k), pgs. 98-102
  • Battle Report: The Infestation of Albion (WF), pgs. 103-118
  • Game Workshop Mail Order, pgs. 119-28

Key Articles


Art depicting Skaven in battle by Karl Kopinski.


The Dark Shadows campaign booklet

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